What is it that people don't understand in simple straightforward speech?

Why can't those mother fuckers realise that not everyone has the band of tolerance to listen to arguments?

I for one.. am totally turned off any conversation .. where I know that the bastard I am talking to has ideas which I don't agree with stuffed so tight in his empty vessel (head) .. and that no matter what I say or do.. he won't change his mind.

Why should I waste my energy and breath on such a specimen? We obviously don't see eye to eye and not everybody should. Variety is a good thing in life and if we all behaved and thought in the same way.. then life would be monotonous... but there wouldn't be any assholes bothering you with incomprehensible nonsense.

Having said this, sometimes life forces you to interact with those from the other camp.

When you enter a discussion (not an argument).. you should enter it with an open mind. It could be possible that you are WRONG or lacking information and could learn something new from a constructive discussion. But an argument .. nah.. it doesn't work for me. It puts me off.

Today I had what I perceived to be a discussion with someone. After wasting a good hour of my life .. that person repeats to me what we initially started talking about when we started our discussion. On my part, I bent a bit and agreed with that person on a few of his shallow points.. and made sure I explained how I saw things in a rational simple way. But he was as stubborn as a donkey in heat. He wouldn't budge and I know.. I just know.. that the fucker wasn't even listening to me.

Oh well! Why did I even bother?

That person was simply being argumentative .. something I should have realised from the beginning and closed the door on.


Cerebralwaste said...

I hope your not talking about MOI?

Anonymous said...

That's hilarious CW!

I thought she was talking about me and my poached eggs method ;)

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

LOL! If you two think you are the only TWO guys I talk to ... you are mistaken! LOL!!!!

Anonymous said...

What are you trying to say ?

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