This isn't the title of an Indian movie !

It is the most apt description for the following snippet my eagle-eye spotted in the Bahrain Tribune today (yes.. I am starting to get THAT home sick.. I am even flicking through the Trib.. bahrainonline.. montadayat.. bla bla bla .. hunks in Ba7rain, etc):

Jailed cop was patron of thieves

The Lower Court yesterday sentenced a traffic policeman to one year in jail with no right to appeal for inciting five youth to steal from tents in Sakhir.
The five, aged 16 and 17, received three-month suspended jail terms each on condition that the sentence will be carried out over and above any other sentence they receive if they appear in court again in the coming three years.
According to the indictment, the policeman had urged the youth to steal a 21-inch television set, a playstation, a motorbike and a small generator from one of the tents when the owner was not there.
During interrogation, the five youth admitted that the policeman has instigated them to steal the items from the tent.

A year ?
Is that ALL that the honourable judge could pass on a man who had no respect to his uniform and profession ?


N.A. said...

I'm beginning to observe criminals getting much lineant sentences every year! Hmmm. I wonder why?!

Wolfwood said...
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Wolfwood said...

Oh, I dunno...sheer ignorance, lack of rehabilitation programs, etc? I'm shocked that child molestors can avoid jail time by paying a fine!!! Guess we know why Michael Jackson decided to hide..I mean, live here.

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