You've all heard of the Tower of Babel..
We'll, I experienced it today.
Allow me to explain, please.

Some Italian called our office today for I don't know what. He could only speak Italian.

A Bahraini girl answered the phone. "No Italian.. only Arabic and English," she tried to explain.

Somehow the guy managed to ask and she managed to understand whether there was French speaker.

It gets funnier.

One of my colleagues, an Englishman, has just started taking French classes. So we put him to the test.

After 45 minutes of the Italian speaking in broken French, emphasising the Rs in each word he uttered, our English translator called for reinforcement from an Irish colleague, who did some French many years ago.

A couple of hours later, we had to call up someone in Italy.. and the person who answered the phone could only speak Italian and Spanish.



8291 said...

next time you call me when the frazzled italian calls you, he talks to me and i relay the message to you!

SillyBahrainiGirl said...



Hahaha said...


cartoons, looneytoons

hehe Forget the 'mall stuff, it's all po'tics. Moody bo's b'tchin'. Just a big 'ussy fuss. hehe

There's a vacuum right now. Eureka! Two and a half years ago they sat in cafes across the Tigres to watch the bombs hit, this mirrors history. History when families would have picnic lunches, on hills, above the battlefields of the US Civil War.

Family values. The good things in life never change... Christians fawn and blush over any-thing from roma (though one queries of which lov' robes speak..). The Danes tease the Muslims two years after the battles are over. "Gee had such a good day till that honky p'ssed me off." Some see images in toast or pastry (ehh, too too much sugar lord). Every web big business pays homage to atheist China.

What's the diff between a scream and a censor? hehe

A year ago this didn't happen with such propensity in the collective. unconcious. Nobody gave a hoot 'bout details. The vote was counted. Or miscounted. Didn't matter. The symbol was all. And that was two votes ago in 'raq... Symbols piling up.

Notice Russia/Putin claimed this week that they have super-duper missles (scare me samore, do I look bored...). Timing isn't everything 'cept at certain times.

Don't worry about that Queen either. She's an old who' at the door. Everybody loves her, really they do! really really they do!!! She's probably looking for new dinner guests. I don't even know her. But I Love Her Too! Yes!, I can Feel IT!

Hahaha said...

Saw the falls once. at night.

Two of us drove a diagonal to Lake Erie on a thrill trip (young, foolish and we met up with some major loons in Erie).

Then, friends stepfather owned Canada land, we decided to go north instead of return.

At the falls; we walked the empty main street and saw some weird museum. Ripley's? Then we went over to the water.

You could feel it and see the mist. Then we noticed, in the distance, another person. Another person alone standing along the path. We immediately determined that we outnumbered the potential threat of another loon viewing the falls at night. We left anyway.

Got to Kitley Twp. We broke in. Unhinged the locked drive thru gate. Jimmyed a window and we had the stone cabin to ourselves. Suddenly there was a tap ... tap ... tap ... on the sliding glass door which was covered with full length curtains.

One of opened the curtain, thinking it could be that melancholy nut from the falls following us, it was a frog who saw the light inside... This toad kept jumping into the glass door for no apparent reason other than to let us know we were in Canada.

Next day we met the neighbors down the road. The brief trip was pleasant. Though if one didn't have and XBOX or 'two' it could be an atmosphere for boredom. In the States somebody always has a problem with you, there's no rest. An aggressive attitude comes with the arsenal.

In Kitley; the only aggress was the toad...

Hahaha said...

blue, osiris pillar, receives life,

Once in the Metropolitan Museum (NYC) I touched a three hundred pound stone Falcon in the Egyptian Collection. A guard appeared from out of nowhere and told me; "No touching please." It was too late! I jumped on the Falcon's back and we flew away. Together we spent the afternoon chasing muggers through Central Park because the Falcon enjoyed a good chase.

The Falcon took me out of the city and all the way to my home saying; "I will return to you someday and we'll fly even higher."

FALCONS said...


no not the mob,
not even in places,
guys with the guns,
just met at the races,

one on the ankle,
one in the pocket,
one always close,
one best not mock it,


they like to do favors,
and travel to Vega s,
they have their g-ds,
and bet the pegas


they don't advertise,
you barely could know,
you have to see things,
for some things to show,

they still won't tell,
a number so well,
right at the wire,
yer tickets on fire

SoupduJourandMore said...

haha I watched "That Obscure Object of Desire" in SanFran, in a theater with the translation done by an Italian 'hore. hehe

What was fascinating was how erroneous the subtitles were. Even more erroneous was my belief that the g-dd-mn wit'h lov'd me.

Those subtitles needed editing. Alot of things do. Somethings are edited so read and read sa more.

ceci le vista said...

Silly, A,

When hitch-hiking N.America, twenty years ago, I was never lonely when moving.

Though I took two months crossing the country to reach San Francisco, where I knew two people, there were times in S.F., a year total, that were crushed with solitude. There wasn't a real bond with anyone including my two peers. I have to take some responsibility, unknown to me at the time, for living in a style that was not mainstream and I had little interest in any type contrarian groups. I may have been mildly anti-social by never enough to join any movement. Voids appear from a lack of organization and planning.

I admit that I can be a stick in the mud and I don't see any evidence of that in your persona but there are other things. A lack of activity and social interaction are emotionally burdensome. You may be setting Bahraini ideals for Canada and therefore lose sight of the good in Canada. You could be predisposed to find Canadians as alien. Or maybe they are predisposed to find such in others. At elite levels of society, including internationally, just by arriving you belong and you are often welcomed by strangers. Look at bin Laden's sleezy niece; she can live in the upscale area of Manhattan and probably gets invitation to social gatherings. And all that for just posing as some Arab vamp!

You may also feel that you're not making any contribution to society in Can. (I know this sounds like "maybe this or maybe that" but I have to get my mind focused and it will wander first.)

I can feel loneliness coming through your words. This takes me back to some of my travels. I wasn't thrilled at home (working class and gender isolated) and then upon arrival in a new place I often had no connections to the community. For some reason Mexico comes to memory as never leaving one lonely. It may have been the frequent moving from here to there which is exciting. Also it could be economics; Lower income people cooperate more and are overtly more friendly. Mexico, at large, is poor. Coming home was often an additional trial though. (big metphor there.)

After three semesters of college, off/on jobs and then traveling; The humble working homelife didn't look the same or feel the same. The dull homelife left behind became even more so upon return. There are family traits that play into that so I wouldn't automatically compare my experience to any others.

At least I didn't join a cult!

But at home I did have old friends and many many acquaintances. They wanted to know what I had seen much more than my busy family members who may have been angry that I took such travels.

The first thing that comes to mind; Get an interesting job. meaning: The atmosphere of the job demands a certain level of character by all. (maybe employment isn't possible by law??? I don't know..)

The idea is basically to move amongst people who are suitable. If you cannot go out to work/socialize then maybe there is a way to bring people to you. ie/ Are there students nearby who may need editing of papers? Or is that too mundane? Of course your goal would be to meet people.

Maybe you are reflecting your family's sadness that you left. meaning: If they were happy, not sad, of your experience then you may feel differently too.

I am a firm believer in not torturing the self but I surely know there are some limits. "Get away from dull clouds." Easier said then done but you start somewhere. And don't hate something in order to change to something else. At the same time be careful of playing the "politically correct" soldier while existing in some misery.

There is a myriad of psyhology I could speak of but maybe later on.

Let me think more about this...


p.s./ Besides returning to Wonderland; What would like, of anything, to be doing in Canada?

p.s./ Doing unselfish things for others a person can also break the ice. (pun again) hehe he


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