You've all heard of the Tower of Babel..
We'll, I experienced it today.
Allow me to explain, please.

Some Italian called our office today for I don't know what. He could only speak Italian.

A Bahraini girl answered the phone. "No Italian.. only Arabic and English," she tried to explain.

Somehow the guy managed to ask and she managed to understand whether there was French speaker.

It gets funnier.

One of my colleagues, an Englishman, has just started taking French classes. So we put him to the test.

After 45 minutes of the Italian speaking in broken French, emphasising the Rs in each word he uttered, our English translator called for reinforcement from an Irish colleague, who did some French many years ago.

A couple of hours later, we had to call up someone in Italy.. and the person who answered the phone could only speak Italian and Spanish.



8291 said...

next time you call me when the frazzled italian calls you, he talks to me and i relay the message to you!

SillyBahrainiGirl said...



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