There's another side to every person.. silly people like me wear so many hats at the same time, making us confused and not knowing what to do.

Take me, for instance. I have always wanted to be a writer and an artist and a photographer and a traveller and a housewife (yes.. believe it or not - a lady of leisure - a BUM basically).

Here's a photograph which I took and which has attracted someone else's interest:


Unknown said...

Nice, where in Oman is it?

ainialyaman said...

An ordinary porte and my wish is to be an exterminator to eradicate idiot societies , like Yemenis. They spend, every day, more than 20 billions YEMENI RIALS on chewing Qat.

(khat, evergreen shrub whose flowers and leaves have a narcotic effect . )

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

The door is in Nizwa Suq..

Ain Al Yemen,
Please exterminate anyone you wish away from my blog ;)
What has Qat got to do with a picture of a door?

And Mohammed,
Will check all the links soon ;)

Equalizer said...

Well one must differentiate the beauty of the subject and the beauty of the photography. Most people think of the subject as object of beauty, like this door. What most people dont look at is the beauty of the photogrpahy, the intensity of colors, or lack of colors, shadows, angles, capturing of moments etc. What I noticed in this photo is not the door, but the shadow of the tree above. If you like the door, get yourself a book on doors. :)

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