'Had a good weekend?' asked a colleague as I walked into the office this morning.

"Yeah! Couldn't have been better. I was spoilt for choice really .. didn't know what to do...sleep, sleep, or sleep!" I replied.

Actually the only day I get off every week - FRIDAY - wasn't a total waste. I went shopping in the morning and spend the afternoon and a whole chunck of the nite with friends...doing things I will leave open to interpretation. Let your imagination run wild please. You need to exercise those grey cells!

Have a good week !


moodZ said...

That is the beauty of the weekend silly!
You either do completly nothing, or a little bit of everything!

But you will not hear me complaining, those "grey cells" of mine were used and abused throughout the week.. Might aswell put them to some rest..

Mohammed said...

I am stuck here in this area at my house .... why ? it is raining really heavy outside this weekend . I wish it is sunny this weekend (SAT & SUN) I want to go to cinema . but no chance at all .

about me when I was in Bahrain , the weekend has one meaning for me I will spend the afternoon sleeeeping . and the nights outside . but the good thing that you can enjoy Fridays . it is really depressing day .

I will not exercise those grey cells , because they are already busy with many things .

Blewyn said...

I would guess that you were chillin at Upstairs Downstairs SBG...

أبو سنان said...


I am just outright jealous. With the new baby boy, almost 7 weeks now, I would love to have sleep, sleep and more sleep! Cant wait until he sleeps for more than 2-3 hours at a time!

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