SBG is introducing a true Arab tradition today. Here's to ....

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butt kissing!

The shame is that this picture needs to be adapted.. and all those people should be dressed in the ghutra (head dress) and the Thobe (dress).

Now before someone comes out of nowhere to accuse me of Arab bashing.. sit back and think to yourself: when was the last time discussed something with an Arab without having to go back in circles and ending up with the infamous In Shaa Allah (God Willing)?

And this In Shaa Allah? Did it ever materialise?

To be fair, non-Arabs are also prone to this behaviour... I wonder where they learned it from.

In other matters, I have been sulking at home since Saturday... and am back in action just today. Not fully though.

I get out in the morning. I try to start my car. It doesn't start. Mummy drops me off at work ;) hehehe Well, what are mothers for? But then, it's mother-daughter bonding time.

"What's wrong with you?" asks Mum.
"What's wrong with you?" replies SBG.

"What's wrong with your car?" asks Mum.
"What's wrong with my car?" replies SBG.

"Will you buy a new car?" asks Mum.
"Why should I buy a new car?" replies SBG.

"But you always buy a new car when you are fed up with your old one (hehehe)," says Mum.
"But I am not fed up with my car. I don't want a new car. I want a new life..." replies SBG.


sume said...

I take it you're not a traditionalist. lol :P

Angelo Embuldeniya said...

to me inshallah means one thing - forget it!

Unknown said...

Good one!

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

Sume, I am not a traditionalist. In Shaa Allah, I may become one some day ;)

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

thanks satishtalim ...

Unknown said...

Hi I am a culprit of not doing the buttlick that too of an Indian on in Arab world. I lost a well paid job , Suresh

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