And we continue to ask what this world is coming to... and we continue to question what the end will be like.

The answer is simple. As long as there are hate-mongering people out there who continue to spread hatred and intolerance, the we will continue to sink.

The comments posted by Brian in response to my previous post is am ample example of what someone blinded with hate is capable of doing. This man poured his poison on a blog. One only wonders what he is capable of doing had we been sitting across a table, having a civil conversation, God forbid.

As long as there are people out there like him, catastrophes like the London bombings, 9/11, the war on Iraq, the plight of the people of Palestine, the bombings in Spain, the attacks in Saudi, the bomb blast of Bali (the list goes on) will continue...for it takes a few people blinded by hate to bring suffering of millions of innocent people from all over the world.

As it is, no one is immune from terrorism. In all the attacks I mentioned above, innocent people were killed. Normal people who woke up in the morning to go on with their normal everyday lives. None of them could have imagined what was awaiting him. None of them wanted that fate. None of them brought it to himself. None of them deserved such an ugly end.

People deserve to live in dignity, the only reason why many of us are probably blogging. It is a shame that one-celled people are abusing a system available to spread goodwill and global understanding for their self-destructive motives.

Such people are not welcome here. Remain where you are. Continue to burn in your sorrow and please, don't open your minds or your mouths. Spare us the frogs which leap for you have nothing to add.

The world is a much better place when you shut up!


Angelo Embuldeniya said...

someone needs to take a chill pill & badly needs a back rub as well from all the emotional and physical stress of typin'!

pragensis said...

"the last time Bin Laden was sighted, he was in the company of the Bushes, all comfy and safe"

Can you please give us your source of this information?

What's your exuse for your gullibility, SBG? You are not illiterate. You own a computer and you have an enormous quantity of information at your disposal if only you wanted to find the truth. Instead, you publish an unsubstantiated rumor.

I defy you to bring us a conclusive evidence of the fact that Ossama bin Ladin was seen with the Bushes anytime after 9/11. Until you do so, you are just a silly Bahraini girl with the emphasis on "silly".

I have been a regular reader of your blog. I'm afraid I wasted my time and sympathy on someone like you.

Chanad said...

i love the internet.

sume said...


testando2 said...

Therre visits from Brazil!

ainialyaman said...

Squabbling!Zionist did all that scenario.they killed their prophets.

Angelo Embuldeniya said...

Isn't there anything better to do in Canada than just sit behind a pc screen and run your mouth (mind) like a leaking tap on someone else's blog?

Maybe, paul martin's government can use a few tools like you to blab their flaps with nonsense.

Or probably a short trip to lil china in down town tdot will do you good.

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