ES said...

And look who felt the need to join the fun?


moodZ said...

You got me in the mood


ES said...

Nothing beats the segway accident.


Haha, check out the last slide.

"I'm doing great so far. I better keep up the great work. Oh my, great sneakers. Only in America, eh? Ow. Fuckity fucking fuck. I tripped! No. No, Mr. President does not trip. Uh, I was jogging. Yes! That's it! I was jogging! Bravo, Monsieur le Président! Je cours comme un cheval!"

Cheney: "Whoa. Good work, studmuffin."

Gonzales: "You can never be too careful, Geo."

Rumsfeld: "Why you gettin' all, like, heavy, man?"

Bin Ladin: *Tap tap* "Is this thing on?"

Rice: "You lucked out. Please be careful, Sir, or next time, that piece of shit will be so far up your scrawny ass that the stars on the confederate flag will be surrounding your head instead."

Bush: "Well, thanks, guys, but that was actually intentional."

Cheney: "Is that why you're all bruised up?"

Bush: "Hush your sassing, fatty."

Mohammed said...

the biggest idiot in the world . Last night they show that movie (independence day) on the BBC ch4 here in uk . it was the worst movie I have ever seen inmy life especially when showing that the USA president was so brave so that he was going to fly his plane to fight the aliens . Silly movie but if that case really happen in future and there is president behave in the same way I will give him my loyality .

Spontaneousnessity said...

yeah like the US president would do something like that, of all American history no president was ever made fun of as much as this one!! do the world a favor and walk out!

Kazablanka said...

One of my teachers at school would always stick his middle finger while explaining something. It was so cool.

ES said...

People don't make fun of him for the sake of making fun. Look at the books published in the past 4 years dedicated to his utter stupidity. I mean, even Ron Suskind felt the need to reveal how inconsiderate and disgustingly lame he is.

How can you agree with a guy who thinks that the current situation in the Gaza Strip today is a "minor issue"?

Hasan the Not-So-Great said...

haha...all my old pakistani religious teachers used thier middle finger to point out or emphaize something.

Norm204 said...

Silly Girl,
Don't you know that we New Yorkers
lost our sense of humor a few years
ago. In fact, a lot of us are still pretty pissed off. If you
folks think for a second that President Bush is stupid...you
are wrong.
Keep writing Silly Girl..I enjoy
your posts.
Silly Norm204 in NY

ES said...

No, President Bush isn't stupid. He's just lost and confused.

SillyBahrainiGirl said...


thanks for making a silly girl in the democratic wonderland laugh..

I personally have nothing against Bush..

The truth is u pay peanuts .. u get monkeys..

there is nothing that can be done to change this...

we have a few more years to enjoy the show..

and ES.. I am enjoying the books..
it is a great distraction from everyday life in Wonderland..

Imagine.. if we had people writing BOOKS, GOD FORBID, about the brain farts in Bahrain.. oops.. Wonderland..

For a few years..Silly I collected those gems of thoughts in a diary..

My fate is such that I didnt keep it up...

shame i got promoted.. I would have been a millionaire right now..

imagine the royalties... my God a book summing up the most stupid things said by the world's unknown morons from Wonderland.. that would be abest seller over night!

I am sorry i am not in the money making business... never was.. never would stoop too low to be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ES said...

"Imagine.. if we had people writing BOOKS, GOD FORBID, about the brain farts in Bahrain"

I have the perfect book in mind for you. I don't know whether it's banned here or not, since it was printed in Denmark, which is where the author lives. It gives you the profiles of the women who were tortured or killed by the likes of Adel Flaifel, merely because they (or a family member) were involved in political activism.

Most of the political prisoners were really young; the youngest had to be about 14 or so.

I'll show it to you once we meet. Make sure you have heaps of Kleenex, if you're sensitive.

The Joker said...

That pretty much sums up Bush's policy.

He is quite a character... I kinda like him

Desert Island Boy said...

Why is this a story?

So it'a picture of Georgie's thumb. What's the big deal?

ES said...


moodZ said...

She has my vote!!

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

thanks ES and moodz..
u really want to get me into trouble;)

besides.. i am coming up with an election campaign soon for blackie and iguana and the turtles and all to run for elections in 2006..

please give them ur backing..

I am sure they would do a better job than the 40 elected in 2002!

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