Oh My God!

Am I reading this correctly? What say the people of Wonderland?
This is a story from yesterday's GDN.. Got too busy to post it yesterday.. However, I strongly adhere to the saying.. better late than NEVER!

Policeman 'led family heists'

A BAHRAINI policeman of Syrian origin has been arrested after allegedly forcing his wife and five children to help in a series of thefts at supermarkets and shops across the kingdom. Police had been tracking him and swooped as he orchestrated a family heist at Geant hypermarket, Bahrain Mall.

They were alerted when he rented a car and pulled into the mall with his family on Wednesday, sources told the GDN.

Store security cameras showed him giving instructions to his wife and children to slip goods into a suitcase.

However, they were caught when they tried to leave the store with the suitcase without paying for the items inside.

A search of his house later turned up stolen goods worth around BD5,000.

"Electronics, perfumes, bags, toys and canned food items from a number of supermarkets and shops were found," said sources.

"He could not produce any receipts to prove that they were not stolen and all the items appeared to have never been used."

The policeman was yesterday understood to be waiting to be transferred into the custody of the Public Prosecution.

Initial reports suggested the man was a Geant employee, but it was later confirmed that he was indeed a policeman.

"All his movements had been observed from 9.30am until he was caught at around 2pm that day," the sources said.

"He was filmed on security cameras from the moment he arrived in the mall car park.

"He made his wife pretend that she was buying a suitcase and stuffed it with stolen items as they were shopping."

It was later revealed that he had given his Syrian wife BD40 to pay for the suitcase, which he intended to use to smuggle out the goods.

However, his wife and children - aged 16, 14, 10, five and two-and-a-half - were later released.

"This is because she is a mother of minors and they were actually forced to assist him against their will," said sources.

Meanwhile, Bahrain Mall head of security Mohammed Kadhem said it was not the first time he had stolen from the store and claimed he had lifted goods earlier this month.

"We suspect he has an accomplice who is thought to be a friend of his, but he managed to get away," he said.

"He stole goods worth around BD80 the first time and BD66 this time."


SillyBahrainiGirl said...

and people question why i call MY COUNTRY wonderland..

Come up with a better name and I am all for it..

ainialyaman said...

Dub it Mishmahig

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

yup.. he is a syrian policeman..
u know what happened?
we had this persian cat at home and there was this syrian mobster who saw it outside our house and killed it.
i am very worried about all the rest of our pets now.
it was a brutal cold-blooded murder and when we complained to his parents: they shouted at us and said they would call the police for us.
and the father is a policeman or works at the defence force of whatever and we were intimidated ;)

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