People are born free. I mean most people are born free.
And then they are shackled by tradition, dos and don'ts and lots of other things which really have no explanation in this world.
People cherish their freedom. Freedom usually comes with a struggle. In this struggle, blood is usually shed.
The question is: Is wonderland ready for freedom?
Before we can tackle this question, we need to bear all and openly discuss what our different concepts of freedom and democracy are for I don't think I share the same idealogy as those in the making the decisions for me and shoving them down my throat.

Come on guys... listen to a silly girl and bare all. Let's see what really lies beneath if we are to ever overcome this hurdle!

Once the naked truth is out there, hitting us in the face, may be then we can reach some common ground - perhaps even a solid one - which we can stand on and take firm steps forward.


Nanette Richards said...

Thanks for the warm wishes, and the page visit.
Great photo ;) "It's great to be free"

Angelo Embuldeniya said...

I'm a lil thick today.. but are u suggesting nude protests? I'm sure that will strike an awesome chord with the anti-nancy ajram concert folks!

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

Mohammed.. of course that's what I mean.

Strav.. I am not calling for nudity! I wouldn't dare do that!

Angelo Embuldeniya said...

But there's nothing wrong with calling for such a protest right? :-D

I mean - it does make logical sense after all.. its the summer, it's hot, duh - it's bahrain (darn ad on the radio..)!

be free when u tryin' to make a point or take a stance... Feel Free! It's a free world!

Peter said...

Quote: "Every new beginning comes from some other new beginning's end."

Keep speaking from your heart!

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