The Other Side of the Coin!

Abu Aardvark has posted an interesting entry on Yemen today. Click on the the title of this post for a link. It really is scary what's happening behind all the closed doors in this part of the world.

I have visited Yemen twice before and am dying to return. I personally found it extremely safe. The first time I visited, I was with a group. The second time, I ventured off to Felix Arabia with my sister. I have really fallen in love with that country, its history, scenic beauty and its people that I am considering yet a third trip really soon.

I recall how people around me reacted when I said I was going to Yemen the first time. They knew I had lost it somehow but they thought that maybe there is hope. When I went off the second time, people rolled their eyes at me.. and everytime I express my wish to return, they gasp in anticipation as to what will I want to do next.

To go or not to go.. that's the burning question!


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