To be AND not to be...this should be the question!

I am sure this is what Hamlet meant in his infamous statement: To be or not to be.

He must have got it wrong and everyone else... because in life, choices are unlimited. You can be something AND something else at the same time. You certainly can look like the innocent flower and be the serpant under it, even in a society where all that glitters is certainly not gold. There is no reason to restrict yourself to either this OR that. Look at all the contradictions around you and you will understand.

What am I saying? It is just a silly girl's opinion in a deMOCKratic progressive kingdom, where freedom of expression, choice and affiliations take on a new dimension everyday!

Oops... a fellow blogger hissing behind me is asking me: Do you have to politicise this?

You know what... I didn't have the intention to .. but now that you rub it in.. yes.. I do. And fuck you too!


marco said...

I am agree with you!.... or not? Both! ;) hehehe

bye bonita!


SillyBahrainiGirl said...

thanks for understanding marco.. not a lot of people do.. to be frank, even i dont sometimes ..

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