SBG would like to introduce a new word today.

Run for your dictionaries and try to find a meaning for the word 'deMOCKracy'!

Thanks to the new era of deMOCKratic reforms, it smacks us the people of Wonderland in the face every day!

Have a good one!


Sapphire Eagle © said...

Thankyou for your comment, I really can't wait to see your poetic influences here as you have a delightful turn of a phrase!


Hasan the Not-So-Great said...

i'm just going to say my 2 cents on the issue of government vs religion...screw it...i'll post about it soon and you will just have to come to my blog to read it.

bronxbob said...

Demockracy. People under rule of a government, which says you can come and go as you please just as long as you give it to us in writing one week in advance; or... you may write whatever you wish, as long as you give us an advance copy, so we may "edit" out certain inaccuracies; or .... you may pray in any temple, mosque, church or synagogue, just as long as you let us know in advance.

aalman said...

I cant believe it!!!! I REALLY REALLY CAN!! Today IS the MOST i've been angry in MY LIFE about any political issue!!!

Why you ask?

Parliment has decided to condemn the rally.

Well, yes, ofcourse you say, it was an illegal rally that shouldnt have taken place.

But there wasnt even a reference not ONE reference to the brutal unprovoced beatings that the demonstartor got from the Inferior Ministry's goons.. and no refrence to the deliberate violations of human right and free speech. Today and only today, I came to understand that we came to elect a bunch of incompetent, racist, government agents who would rather sit on their thumbs while their constituents get beaten up and sent to hospitals rather than say a word..

Today of ALL DAYS, Today is the Day of Shame.Thus, a little peice of ameba that roams wonderland, have decreed to all my fellow amebas, and those allied, that today, the 16th day of the Lord, of the Month of July is the Day of Shame for wonderland. Where the citizens loose their rights, and those elected to safe gaurd them dont give a rat's hiney about them, as long as they've got their BMW's.

These are the pictures of how the tens of fully armed Goons from the Inferior Ministry deal with 30 protestors who did nothing to provoke them

and today is the day I loose faith in our system.

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

cool down aalman!

you will learn the hard way, like i did, that it really isn't worth it..

what aalman needs to realise is that there is a difference between democracy and deMOCKracy!

Bin Shehab said...

SBG can you enlighten me with the difference between democracy and deMOCKracy please? As the second one I guess a democracy with a MOCA flavor ;)

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

You could be right bin shehab.. a deMOCKracy as I see it from where I am sitting right now is making a MOCKERY out of a democracy!

You never know with WOnderland, this definition may change according to my whims!

Bin Shehab said...


SillyBahrainiGirl said...


bin shehab... thanks for making me laugh first thing in the morning ;)

have a good day !

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