The my friend Dana and I decided to go for lunch to one of MY favourite places... I mean it was, until that eventful day.

We set off, ordered our starters and were anxiously awaiting our main dishes.. I was starved and behold when a silly girl is hollow inside!

I ordered sweet and sour prawn..and it was the last time I eat prawns.. Here's a picture of my food. I mean I am not used to taking pix of my food. But this particular dish had to be photographed.

Now you need to remember a few things:
1. I am a regular at this place (was)
2. I go there three to four times a week (used to)
3. They all know who the fuck I am

Zoom in . The offending dark thing on the right of the dish is a COOKED COCKROACH. The fucker was looking at me.

I call the waitress and ask her: "What's this?"
Some people don't lie. "A cockroach," she replies.

"What is it doing in my dish? I didn't order it," I say.
"I will call the manager madame.."

She goes off and three to four minutes later, the manager surfaces as I am busy clicking away at the creepy crawly drowning on the sauce of my sumptous dish.

Sometimes things are better left unexplained.
The manager opens her mouth and bloody frogs leap out. Here's her explanation: "I am really sorry about it. I am new. I am from Germany. Here, you have a lot of cockroaches. They are all over the kitchen. You have big ones. They even fly. In Germany, we don't have as many cockroaches in the kitchen..."

Will someone shut this cow up! Does she realise how much food I have consumed from their cockroach-infested kitchen over the years?

My stomach still turns everytime I remember that day...and I still want to strangle that cow. you know how she ended her monologe: "Do you want another dish?"

Excuse me? Does she think I am deaf or really just outward silly? She must be kidding.

I left the place and the cockroaches to her...Oops.. and I paid the FULL!


SillyBahrainiGirl said...

I found this on the net about those creepy crawlies:

A Study of the Survivability of the Cockroach to Novel Stress Conditions

Jason L. Maron, Department of Physics, California Institute of Technology

These experiments were performed with a minimum of scientific accuracy.

There was no control, as it was impossible to use the same cockroach for all experiments. This points to the necessity of establishing a standard "reference cockroach".
These ``scientific" findings have been included in the book ``The Complete Cockroach"

Freeze in Liquid Nitrogen

The minimum survivable temperature has not been determined.

Expose to vacuum
The cockroach agitates violently as the air is removed, and then is still. Vacuum was aplied for 10 minutes. Upon return of the air, the cockroach slowly came back to life, and appeared to be back to normal after 2 minutes.

A pressure gauge was employed to verify that the only gas present in the chamber was that which was outgassing from the cockroach.

The maximum vacuum time has not been determined.

Cockroaches have been known to survive prolonged exposure to an X-ray beam produced by a 40 kW rotating anode source. By comparison, human flesh exposed to this beam is completely inviable after one second of exposure.

A cockroach exposed to a 10 keV X-ray beam produced by the Synchrotron at Brookhaven National Laboratory (the National Synchrotron Light Source) died. The synchrotron beam has about 1000 times the intensity of a rotating anode beam.

The precise radiation exposure limit has not been determined.

Dunk in 12 molar HCl
Dies in 30 seconds.

Dunk in 18 molar NaOH
Dies in 30 seconds.

Dunk in water
After 10 minutes submersion in water, the cockroach revived.

The maximum submersion time has not been determined.

Apply air pressure of 20 atmospheres
No effect effect.

The maximum pressure has not been determined.

Place in 100 degree celcius oven
Takes a long time to die.

The thermal exposure limit has not been determined.

Crush between shoe and floor
About 29.4 N of force are required to crush the exoskeleton. This is known as the crush point.

The maximun centrifuge capacity of the cockroach has not been determined. An estimate could be made from the shoe and floor result.

Fire with slingshot at a wall
This would be a test of the sudden deceleration trauma limit of the cockroach, which is expected to be significantly higher than the crush point. The experiment has not been performed.

Dies in 5 seconds, but no kaboom.

Spray with roachkill

A cockroach at ground zero of an M60 cherry bomb survived.

Tensile strength
Not determined.

It has not been determined if the cockroach can survive prolonged exposure to 30 degree Celcius vapor pressure of mercury.

These experiments have not been performed.

Angelo Embuldeniya said...

pls tell me which take away or dining place this happened at, i hope it's not in Riffa!

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

I wouldn't hide it from u.. will email u the name!

But I really can't blog it. You know how much I would love to.. but we really are governed by rules and regulations in wonderland.

anyway it is a top place and if i dare tarnish it's reputation i would be catapulted into outer space and that will be last you hear about silly girl!

Hasan the Not-So-Great said...

nice blog...once that happened to me here in houston and all i did was show the plate to my friends and then we all left right after putting a note on the table. thankfully they listened to what i said on the note and sanitzed the place so we could all eat there again....I had to go back cause the "Ultimate Burger" was too tempting.

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

some places they have some shame.. others, they don't..

this is life.

when i complained to this woman about the creeply crawly in my food, her excuse was that there were many of them!

what was i supposed to do?
and to have to pay for food we haven't eaten.. oh please.. give me a break !

AVA said...

That is DISGUSTING!!! And I can't believe this woman's excuse, that's the worst thing of all.
I can't believe you paid for that. But I probably would have done the same.
I wonder how many cockroaches have walked on our food inside kitchen restaurants and we will never find out.

Chanad said...

nasty! are you sure you didn't say anything to upset the waitress last time you were there?

well at least when you asked what the cockroach was doing in your soup, she didn't reply: "the backstroke, madame".

Geo said...

its all protien.

Silveroo The Sailor said...


The thing I can't get my head around is y u paid!

Mahmood Al-Yousif said...

Why not disclose SBG? You're blogging as a person rather than a Newspaper Entity. In either case, as you have undeniable proof, there is no libel.

Barf it out. Which restaurant was it?

Angelo Embuldeniya said...

Here's an idea, building up on what bin shehab said, how about starting a blog called - 'Bahrain's Black Listed Restaurants'


that blog could have mulitple contributors, so people who don't normally blog, could just add their listings to it on the comments section.

and someone post it to the main as a post. :-)

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

great.. we can do that with the bahrainiblogs site..

we already have the platform

what says mahmood & co?

Angelo Embuldeniya said...

till Mahmood & Co. comes with the reply, you can email all your unpleasant experiences at restaurants in bahrain here -

and it'll publish yo email as a post over here:


ainialyaman said...

mysterious blog..,,

Devilish said...

Disgusting !

Nneka's World said...

Hi nice blogs, really enjoyed the customer service one, same thing happened to me but instead of a roach it was a piece of glass, needless to say i would not be going back there again

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

thanks nneka...

and Jameed... i did pay

but u know what.. i will now make them pay ;)

i am cooking up something EVIL

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