I hate it.. I hate it from the moment I open my eyes and discover it's daytime.
I hate dragging myself out of bed...on Thursday. I hate coming to work on Thursday... and I hate it more when I have to come to work on Friday. I hate it more and more when I have to force myself out of my bed, out of my home, into my car and to my office from Saturday to Thursday.
I am a spiteful person, full of hate and venom and there is nothing I can do about it. This is final and I will entertain no discussions. I can't be right and the whole world wrong and I will tell you why.
I don't know why I get offended when nobody else gives a toss. I don't know why I get insulted when people are unprofessional and have no work ethics. I don't know why it gets to me when human beings lack self-respect, when the feelings of pride and dedication have no place in their lives.
I hate it when I am the first person at work and all the phones are ringing and there is no one to answer them. I hate it when people start staggering into the office one after the other with no respect for themselves or others they work for - and without an apology.
How can they justify coming to work late every morning and then expect their bloody salaries on time.
Don't get me wrong - despite everything I love my job... but it's only the bloody attitude of unprofessional unreliable individuals that makes any office in "Wonderland" a nightmare to run.
"Wonderlandis" have a casual attitude towards work, says a new comer to Wonderland.
"Wonderlandis" don't want to work.
"Wonderlandis" take the day off when their neighbours cat is in labour.
No wonder Wonderland is taking one step forwards and 10 backwards!


SillyBahrainiGirl said...

Odd A.. I succumbed to pressure..
All my friends told me I won't be able to separate my feelings from what I do..

What do u expect from a silly girl like me?

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

Yes... I do..

There is a very very long break on the books...

I am keeping my fingers crossed and my lips sealed!

I am counting the days.

I will tell u no more ;)

sume said...

Another break? What's wrong with you? ;)

Someone has to pick up the slack, you know. :P

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

I am sorry I nag...Well all women do...

And from now until it happens all I will do is brag about it ;)

I am so excited.. I am counting the days, the minutes, the seconds.

I suppose that's why I am so restless and why everything is so dark and gloomy..

I really can't wait for the new day to dawn.. I can't take this SHIT anymore.. I really can't...

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

And Moodz,
Why are you jealous? I deserve another break and a third break and a fourth break.

I deserve so many breaks and I do. I will tell u a secret, do u know that I take at least four breaks a year in addition to a whole month off to wallow in self-pity! That's not entirely true, I travel as well and engage in self-indulgence and let my unruly hair down...

Sume, u know how we all need a break and why! I really need to get out of this cesspit asap !!! and I will !! soon !

sume said...

Oh, I hear ya. This how some people take a break though I don't think I would recommend it there:


Angelo Embuldeniya said...

I think i know what's going to happen as a result of your very, very long break and i believe it definitely is good for your health, however, the folks you work with are only gonna' miss your prescence -really bad- when you're not around.

And you're rite about it being a cess pit! Am counting the days as well to get out of mine, it's all good to keep working cos u like what u do but what really ticks me off is that most of the people around simply do not appreciate your work!
And for me thats so demotivating, cos i know i care way too much about a project or a job or whatever to stop working, (and that's prolly what happened to you too, even tho u blogged that you don't care about work no more and you're gonna' let it just drop ;))

Anyways i'm waiting to axe my ties to where I'm am rite now, just waiting and waiting for the day i get up my degree & LEAVE FOR GOOD!

People can not always keep taking you for granted!

And thanks for the great post, it's one that i can relate to very much and i'm sure there must be others out there who can touch base with it as well.

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

Thanks Strav ;)
I suppose all it needs to do what u really want to do is BALLS - something more women have than men!

Oops... here we go! I did it yet again!

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