I have tried to follow what's happening in Geneva with one eye closed and one ear shut and I have failed to understand what's happening ! Usually this isn't a difficult feat for me as I never pay full attention to anything in fear that I may loose what little I have stored in that compartment resting heavily on my shoulders.

Part of me just wanted to ignore the entire episode while the rest of me was kicking me hard to tell me that I should have been there to see the lies, fabrications and distorted tales which will be passed down from one generation to the other in the kingdom where the sun never rises!

I found myself laughing at my thoughts as I was driving home last night, after a long day at work. The United Nations must have found the presentations from Wonderland bewildering - a small country with two factions, two totally different stories and tales of terror and corruption and abuse to no end. It would seem to them that those people came from two different countries, two different worlds, two different planets, in fact.

It will be like an episode in a sitcom where the villagers come to town, fighting over a cow that has long died.

Whatever they try to achieve in Geneva is all lost...It's over because the damage is done and in our spiteful book of a 1001 tales, What's done cannot be undone!

Whether the Geneva meetings with its UN experts find our Wonderland wrong or right, the damage is running deep in the blood of the Wonderlandis - something which will take a lot of sincere effort to take away.


Mahmood Al-Yousif said...

Like ALL the problems we have in this country, the solution is rather simple theoretically. Practically is another matter all together:

1. Political will
2. Transparency
3. Genuine interest in finding the middle ground
4. Acceptance of casualties due to public trials

in shore, a Truth and Reconcilliation Commission.

This - at the moment at least - is impossible because the main ingredient is not there: political will.

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

I think there is political will which is being weighted down by access baggage from the past.

There are a hell of a lot creepy crawlies around, it's scary.

You know what Mahmood. On second thoughts, you are right. There isn't a serious effort to make things work. Who cares about the poor, and the wronged, and the abused?

Who cares for justice? Look at Ahmed. At this age and era of freedom and reconciliation, why is a man in jail with no access to a fair and just trial?

Mahmood, you are more than right. Those cosmetic political changes are just lip service, a whiff of hash to intoxicate a nation of dreamers!

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

Me too!

What another bad day at work? embarrassed by Wonderland's sorry attempts to cover up it tracks!

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