It's my hubby's birthday today ;) and instead of giving him a present (which I did), he has decided to reward me too !
Come on everyone...wish my hubby -- my pillar of strength and my one and only for the time-being - if you believe in fortune tellers, that is -- a great birthday!!!
Now I know that blogging about hubby amounts to blasphemy in his book but who cares about what he thinks today. It's only a birthday and I quote: "Birthdays Mean Nothing to a Guy" as long as it came straight from the horse's mouth, I will throw all the rules out today.
So how does hubby reward me for putting up with him for SIX years and counting... He decides to spend his entire day and night at work - ON HIS BIRTHDAY. He will return home tomorrow as if nothing has happened. He says, we can celebrate on Sunday or Monday or next weekend... but what he doesn't understand is that it is not the same!
He should have circled that date as well as another dozen dates which are special to US and made sure that work didn't interfere and meddle in our lives. His selflessness when it comes to work and selfishness when it comes to our family is scary for me to comprehend.
Well, this isn't entirely fair because his job dictates that he spends long long hours at work and I know I am being a bit too silly ... but who cares, he has ruined my day... or has he really ;)
Just think about it... I have the whole day to myself as a reward for being such a good wife! Instead of running around like a headless chicken treating him like royalty, thinking of treats and spoiling him rotten because it is his big day... I just get to do my own stuff and do all the things I can't do when he is around...
It will be a great day - and I will celebrate - whether he is here or not ;)


SillyBahrainiGirl said...

very funny Odd A...
my hubby is so unlike backward Arab men, he is amazing!
Besides, it's his birthday and he would never ever make me angry on such an occasion as this :)

BB said...

Happy Birthday Hubby!

Don't people stop celebrating birthdays post-30? ... ooops i think i just detonated the bomb :)

i don't understand the concept of celebrating being a year older...its just another year closer to the year it ends :p

men don't like fuss...but they do like surprises... u must do the birthday cake in restaurant thing...we do it to ppl even if its not their birthday!! just to get them all embarrased....

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

Thanks Bahrania!
Will convey your heart felt greetings to hubby!

Yes..we are post-30! So? But I will forgive you this ;) for the marvellous idea..

I will embarass hubby... we will celebrate his birthday every week for the next few months for making me make plans for today and then cancelling on me!

You see... I had a few things to do which I moved to keep this day clear - including a trip to somewhere exotic - and then he gets tied up at work.

Now I must seriously plan for a comeback..

A birthday at Hardees! Fancy that! Yuck!

sume said...

Happy B-day to your hubby, anyway. Another year of life is a blessing idealistically, anyway. Don't listen to Bahrainia, she's such a pessimist. :P

But I agree with her, you must surprise him with something. How dare he mess up your plans on his birthday. ;)

Silveroo The Sailor said...

Happy Birthday to your amazing hubby :D

What's it like when it's the hubby's wife's Birthday, SBG?

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

thank you thank you thank you..

Sume, u r right... a birthday is a milestone, an occasion to celebrate and thank Allah for His blessings!

Silverooo, SBG's birthday has always been a special occasion... at least it was until I hit the big 3 0!

I now have low-key celebrations. I am fortunate enough to know a few people with more or less the same date of birth and we just get together and lament the fact that we are growing older, we're developing wrinkles, that boys no longer chase us ... I think I should draw the line here !

Hubby tried forgetting my birthday once and he is still being reminded about it every single day - despite the fact that I have forgiven him!

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