Liars... that's what we all are.

You see, in Wonderland, everything is perfect. There are only a few people who allow their imaginations to run wild and when they hallucinate, they come up with horrible stories about corruption and abuse of power - which are only found in their sick minds.

They are all a figment of their imagination - a product of a sick mentality which is not ready to deal with the realities of life in Wonderland, where the economy is booming, there is Zero unemployment, there are no corrupt policemen or members of the judiciary, where the people's voice and demands are heard.

Censorship is also a horrible dream, a nightmare, a lie, a fabrication conspired by some sorry soul who has nothing constructive to do in his hallow life.

We are bitter and angry and blogging because of a genetic disease, the result of in-breeding and generations of villagers whose brain cells have been burnt in the scorching sun of Wonderland.

Wonderland is polluted and dirty and dusty and we are to blame for all this because we are lazy and don't want to work on improving our living conditions or preserving our surroundings for the next generations.

Wonderlandis, including myself, are spiteful people. We should thank God and count our blessings for not everyone gets to enjoy the marvels of our parliament and the goof ups of our government.

What can I say about our government, which cares for the orphans, the widowed, the divorced and the unemployed - even in the presence or rather lack of a family law and a social welfare system.

You know perfectly well that there is no discrimination and that secular purges and complaints abour prejudice are excuses made by retards you want to tarnish the reputation of Wonderlandis and embarrass us next time we go to the Swiss Alps to try their cheese and gulp their wine.


SillyBahrainiGirl said...

Thanks Odd A..

You know I was wondering about this post last night:

1. People might take it the wrong way - which I may or may not want to concern myself with

2. Some smart a$$ will tell me that "you sip wine and not gulp it"

And I had a comeback for the last concern... not Muslim Arabs - they gulp wine..It faster... so they keep sinning for a shorter period of time ;)

Have a great day!

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