You know what? I really am a silly silly girl..and I don't need to tell you why!

I just finished writing this fabulous piece, which made me go "wow! am I good or I am good or what!" about Law 56 - my first attempt at being serious on this blog and guess what! Another Batelco glitch with the internet and all the fruits of my labour vanishing forever!

You know how those gems of thoughts are difficult to come through in the middle of a busy day and thanks to Batelco, they have forever gone now!

Anyway, here's my comeback: The following was published on the front page of the Gulf Daily News today:

Fine threat to Batelco 'for helping customers'
MANAMA: Batelco is facing a possible BD15,000 fine for giving Speednet customers a 50 per cent rebate following lengthy interruptions to the service in January.
It has been warned that it faces the fine in a letter from Bahrain's Telecommunica-tions Regulatory Authority (TRA), for allegedly breaching market regulations.
"We have a letter from the TRA proposing to fine us," said Batelco chief executive officer Tony Hart.
Sources said Batelco would fight any move to fine it for allegedly dropping Internet prices without TRA permission.
"The simple facts are that our service was unavoidably faulty for a large proportion of January and we decided that it was only fair to give our customers a 50pc rebate as a one-off act of compensation," says an unnamed Batelco source.
"Customers did not get what they had paid for during that period and that is not good business for us.
"Clearly, we'd much rather provide a perfect - or near perfect - service and continue to satisfy customers' wishes for fast, easy, reliable Internet connectivity.
"Doesn't the TRA want Batelco to offer its customers a fair service?"
The TRA said no final decision had been made and so it could not comment further.
"The TRA will only comment on its final decisions that are made public. If there is an order, then once we publish it we will comment, as we do with all of our other orders," said communications and consumer affairs director Daneh Alrayes.
"We state who is effected by the orders, what led to this order and it will be available for everyone to access on our website (, so we make no room for any speculation."

And you know what I think:
Batelco should be fined and should also be forced to slash its costs. The buggers have been ripping us off for as long as I can remember. It is time someone/thing showed them their real place.

For the shoddy service they provide, they should be punished over and over again.

Why are we all keeping quiet and accepting such interrupted services in a country which wants to place itself as the regional hub of everything imaginable?

We want to claim the title of regional communications hub? regional business hub? regional training hub? Dream on.

Should we be content with the title of regional hub of all hubs, we should make sure we are connected with the rest of the world and able to communicate instead of having our hands tied and our Internet service like it was in the 90s.

Batelco... please please wake up and smell the fish... It stinks and so does your bloody service and so does the unconstitutional parliament which isn't mature enough to discuss Law 56 and so is this joke called national unity and the one-family spirit in a society torn apart by discrimination and double standards from the minute you are born to the time you are buried six foot under!


Mahmood Al-Yousif said...

you're in fine form this mornin' babe! me? nah, I'm just dispondent and have been for a while... not giving up mind you, just, well... dispondent.

about your loss. never, EVER start writing an article online. EVER! Always use a word processor on your local computer and once you're satisfied copy and paste it in.

the only exception to the rule is if you want to jot just a couple of lines for a post, then it's ok.

back to my despondent self...

Mahmood Al-Yousif said...

with all the bloody spelling mistakes too!

Angelo Embuldeniya said...

LOL, the TRA fining BATELCO? thats wierd :D you'd think that batelco are the last ppl to be fined by the tra, or maybe all the other 'genuine' ISPs have rallied together to get the tra acting on this one.

As for writing online, i'm cool with it cos i go ctrl+c on my keyboard every 5 mins or so and stick it in notepad, then continue writing online, and doing the same routine until im done with the post/article, and before i hit the submit button i copy n paste the entire text into notepad, save the file in my doctrash folder, click submit and if it goes i'm all cool with it.

with netscape the back button on the tool bar allows me to access post-data - so thats awesome, anyways with or without batelco i can peacefully publish & surf online :-)

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

Not only am I silly but stupid as well as many other things this morning!

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