My friend Sans' message to me is loud and clear. He has told me bluntly: "Stop the self pity."

Self pity?

No.. I am not that selfish and have never been. I don't engage in self pity. Infact, it is the other way round. I pity this shitty world where everything is topsy turvy. I feel sorry for those zombies out there and the fugly cows in heat. The impotent men and the caged women. I pity humanity and the way things are. I pity us... not specifically me... just everyone of us.

It is a sad sad world. And it's raining outside. And I am all alone ranting to a PC.


Anonymous said...

Make Love, Not Peace
With the fuglies and one who diddles the fuglies.

Angelo Embuldeniya said...

its not a sad world, its just a sad moment!

and it isn't permanent either.

If you ever get sick of ranting to a pc, just pick up the phone and call 181 or Batelco's Inet Help desk I'm sure by now they've got used to it all - and would love another caller!

Kudos! :D

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