This stalemate should end.
We can't continue wasting our precious lives with silly questions like:
  • Why?
  • Is this right or wrong?
  • Why is it all happening now?
  • Does this serve a national purpose?
  • Who is it who wants to derail the reform process?
  • Why do we want to alienate the people of Bahrain?
  • Who benefits the most from creating unrest at such a time: a few days after the annoucement of the economic reforms initiative and a month before the F1?
  • Is Mossad behind this?
  • Could it be the CIA?
  • Is this all really worth it?
You know what: spare us and spare yourselves and your families the agony.
Here's some entertainment to waste your time and energy on. Try to help this poor sod get home safely..
You really don't want to see him get into trouble with the law? Or do you?


SillyBahrainiGirl said...

Bahraini police encourage intoxication.
Anything that will make people too silly to think or reflect on reality and how life sucks here is very much encouraged.

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

My colleague here claims he made 66....hehehe
He says he is three short from his target !

sume said...

I can't get past 43 meters. I guess I'd make a lousy drunk.

*sniffing for conspiracy theories

They just so darn convenient!

sume said...


No, I have NOT been hitting the cold medicine.

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

Under the current conditions (u know) ... I can't get past four!

Good go Sume!

AainaA said...

Thinking is good. Asking is also good. It keeps people on their toes. Keep up blogging!

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