So... the Internet trio have been released...with conditions, I suppose. Can someone explain this to me please?
I haven't checked any of the other blogs for an update and you don't get much from reading the I really don't know what else is going on in Bahrain.
All I know is that there is a mammoth movement to sabotage everything and anything any decent Bahraini aspires to achieve in this magical kingdom.
But then that's me and my consipiracy theories...which have been growing in my silly head by the day.
On Feb 24, the Crown Prince announces a new economic reforms initiative to propel the standard of living of all Bahrainis to new heights. On Feb 26 and 27, three webpage administrators get arrested - thereby alienating the majority of Bahrainis who are all supposed to be partners in this reform initiative.
On the one hand, the government is showing some resolve to improve the standards of living here by "giving" the people a better life : economic, political and labour reforms.
The next day, the government uses terror tactics by taking Ali Abdulemam's sister as hostage until her brother surrenders and then rounds off another two accomplices on charges which can carry up to a life sentence is a country where the word NO is taboo.
What message is the government sending out to the people: We will improve your standard of living but we will look over your shoulders? We are trying to attract more foreign investment but if you dare express any ideas or opinions we oppose, you will land in a cockroach-infested cell and be treated like dirt by third-rate mercenaries?
What do we tell the young and the old.. those who flocked in masses to sign the National Action Charter on Valentine's Day many many moons ago: Thou shall have prosperity and freedom but thou shall not speak, thou shall not think, thou shall not hold your head up high because your freedom is relative?
I am a very confused silly girl this morning. Why did I even bother getting out of bed?


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