Tomorrow is Mother's least in Bahrain. You know how behind we are in this part of the world.
March 21 has always been a special day for mum and the whole family. We would all give her gifts and flowers and heart-shaped cards. She would sit with her brood and cherish the little gifts and cards and show them to everybody long after March, April, May, June and July were over. In August, we will celebrate her birthday... and repeat the exercise again.
Those were the days where every question was not answered with a sneer and glaring teeth. When we couldn't go anywhere if she did not take us. When we didn't wear anything she didn't buy us.
There were never exchanges like:
Me: "Bye.. I am going out."
Mum: "Where are you going?"
Me : "Where would I go.. Do you have a map showing the way to hell?"
Mum: "When are you coming back?"
Me : "How do I know if I will ever be back? Do I control destiny? What if a goon intercepts me."
Mum: "Be careful with the driving with all those morons out there."
Me: "Mum...don't you dare critise the morons out there because you never know who they are. Besides, you could be arrested for slander. No one will stage rallies for you... no one will hold placards...And the morons from across the would the loose fugly girls make ends meet if it wasn't for them? How will they carry their Gucci bags and show off their Prada shoes?"
Mum: "Fine... but don't be late... take me if you need me if you don't need anything..."
Me: bla bla bla
Mum: "Oh! No! You are not leaving the house in that dress..."
Me: "It is a free country...where you can wear what you want but you cannot speak your mind. So let me be... let me do what I want and wear what I want and do what I want to do...because very soon, we will not be able to do what we do and enjoy things the way we did... We will become older and wiser...more cynical and hurt by the harsh reality of living in a very corrupt hypocritical society...."
My poor mum... all the times she has had to put up with my rantings and ravings...and for what?
This year I owe my mother a big apology... for all the nasty things I have been hissing to her over the years. I know she did not intend for me to be born under such circumstances. I know it isn't her fault that we live in a pseudo-democracy. I know that she has nothing to do with the discrimination and double-standards... I really know that she wanted the best for me and my siblings... and I know she cannot do anything about it... and nor can I or anyone else.
Just as she had to put up with me because I am her daughter... I have to grow up and put up with this magical kingdom because it is my Motherland.
Cry my beloved country...Enough said... better go out and get her something really expensive and extravagant to tell her thank you and sorry...Before you say anything, I know that such bribes are not enough!


sume said...

Just popped in to say Happy Mother's Day. It suddenly got insanely busy in my little corner of the globe. Nothing like, "Mom, I have a project due tomorrow." to get you in gear. I hope you're feeling better. :)

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

Thanks Sume...

Happy Mother's Day too ;)

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