And the Fuglies shall rule the world
And you will never know the truth
And all will be lost

And you will end up talking to a shrink
Or yourself
Or ranting to a PC

Or terrorising the turtles
Or the fish in the acquarium
Or Iguana

Or remembering dead Diva
Or Bella who left the house never to return
Which has been replaced with Tabby
The King of the Persians
Which has ruined the Dilmun Cat's race

You see cats with bushy tails in the neighbourhood now
You know who to blame

And the birds in the cages
And the women in the cages
While the Fuglies are allowed to roam the streets

And the fish in the cages
And Iguana in a cage
And the turtles in the cages
And my hamsters (they multiply) in their cage

This reminds me..
I need to buy the hamsters a bigger cage
I need to move them to a bigger place
But it will be a cage nevertheless

You can't let hamsters, turtles, birds, parrots, cats, Iguana, ants and Fugly women loose in one place.

That's chaos and goes against the constitution. Besides blogging is an offence punishable by a law, which is not applied evenly.

Thank God for the cages

Imagine a world with no cages. No segregation. No control?


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SillyBahrainiGirl said...

Oh the Shawarma I had the other nite!


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