Guess what appears on my screen everytime I try and access a site - and I am not talking about porno here:
Access Denied (policy_denied)
Your system policy has denied access to the requested URL.
For assistance, contact your network support team.
Why don't we just stop this fucking farce?
www my foot! It could be www everywhere else but not here! Here we have a set team of people whose only job is to ensure that they snoop and breathe over your shoulders. The losers tell you what to read and what not to...
Dear losers,
Please go and get a life. Get laid. Get out of our hair once and for all. You retards, leave us alone. You will not block everything. You will not block the sun. You will not block light. Everyone will see the truth one day and you will be kicked in the butt.


Chanad said...

It's funny, coz before Ali Abdulemam and Co were arrested I never use to visit BahrainOnline... I only checked it out a couple times ages ago when it wasnt blocked. And I didn't bother after that because I could get all the info I needed from the several other forums that are not blocked.

But since the arrests I've finally started using a proxy and I check in at Bahrainonline a couple times a day. And whereas before no one outside Bahrain had heard about the forum, the Bahrain authorities gave the site free publicity in the international media because of the arrests. Thanks!

But it is funny that the govt still thinks that in today's world it thinks it can block information. There's no way to really block a site, and when they try it only helps publicize it.

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

very true Chanad..

It's so silly that officials like children think that if they can block information from people, it means it didn't happen!!

Look at the coverage in newspapers, for instance.

Those morons think that if they "censor" the Press and block stories, they will cover up things and show the world that those things did not really happen.

It's like a child. Even Silly Boy is more mature than that!

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