This is a brain-storming session.
I am outlining ideas for a future article I intend to write and I want to share them with you: I am sure you have all come across husband snatchers before. This is a topic I would like to focus on in depth and perhaps even write a book about.
It seems to be a common phenomena and many times you hear heart-breaking stories told by women complaining that their ever-faithful hubbies have been snatched - sometimes by their very best friends.
You see, men are such rare commodities today that there are actually women out there with an itch, who only go for those who are "taken."
Now I am not worried about this at all because the last one who tried to make a pass at my husband - my rightful and legal property - was what I would call FUGLY (PS: this coined word stands for Fucking Ugly).
The sick woman stalks him; she follows him around like a puppy and even camps outside our front door during holidays. Like, excuse me. We aren't royalty or anything. No thanks. We really have no need for a security guard... and not a FUGLY one please.
She is no threat to me because my man would never go for a FUGLY woman with no class; a woman who lets her own kind everyday by being rejected by a married man, who is so committed to his wife and home.
I truly feel sorry for the rejected FUGLY cow. But what I can't understand and come to terms with is: why do FUGLY women allow themselves to be humiliated so much?
I am sure that looks are not everything... it is just that the FUGLY creepy crawly could go and snatch someone else.. from Planet Ape or somewhere further away...who may stoop so low and make a decent woman out of her.
To cut the long story short, I would like you to share your horror stories about husband snatchers here to help me with my book.
Thanks for your support.


Scorpio said...

SBG: "It seems to be a common phenomena and many times you hear heart breaking stories told by women complaining that their ever-faithful hubbies have been snatched - sometimes by their very best friends."!!?

Never mind women snatching husbands, surely this must be the ultimate humiliation for any wife, when the guy leaves her for his best mate. The fact that it's a 'common phenomena' in Bahrain can't make any easier.

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

Good one Scorpio!

That's possible too....I wouldn't be surprised if and when it does happen.

What I meant was that the man would leave the wife for HER best friend.

Preternatural_aL said...

Cant trust anyone these days sheesh

Anonymous said...

It's not about trust. Its about when the man does not feel appreciated/fulfilled/loved in his marriage.

sume said...

It's the wife's fault, course. She should have figured out how to be the ultimate mommy figure and an ego-boosting ho at the same time.

Josef nailed it. EGO.

aalman said...

Now, SBG, the real problem arises when the Women Snatcher is actually pretty. And joseph, you are right, but not always, alienated husbands and wives (because of their jobs or life styles) that are not satisfied by their "significant other" in any way will try to find a way to compensate. Now whether this is right or wrong depends on the person and the situation, some people simply want to play around and so they come up with a million excuses, but at times they are really deprived of something and talking about it or objecting has no apparent effect.

The flip side, however, is communication. If the couple communicates well and know each other enough to trust them, then even though the person in the relationship has a right to be jealous (because that's a natural and mostly healthy feeling, when in moderation), but the fear is actually dimensioned. So, my advice to Jane Doe, would be, talk it over with your husband and reach an agreement on how to deal with the situation, if you trust him, then he will ignore her enough that after a while she will move on, on her own. If she doesn’t then figure out another plan of action which includes possibly confronting her or going to the authorities if the stalking persists. Now, if you don’t trust your man well, then that's a whole different story.

An interesting observation that I found (away from the topic) is that almost 75% of the married men that I have met in Bahrain have either cheated or plan to cheat on their wives (this includes remarrying without her consent).

Not to mention the other cheating portion of the population, the married women, I'm no saint, and as per that fact I have had my fair share of flings and affairs with married and (taken) women. The fact is with many I didn’t even know they were married until it was all over, lol.

So, again I reiterate it's all about trust.

Angelo Embuldeniya said...

"why do FUGLY women allow themselves to be humiliated so much?"

Have you ever considered the fact that these FUGLY women might actually like getting humiliated, ummm - for purposes of pleasure - if you will.

Now, I don't mean that it is right for such women to get humiliated like that, let's not forget the same fate strikes men many a time when some stunning guy/girl runs off with their wives/girl friends.

Focus - some like it - or maybe i've been reading too many conspiracy theories on why marriages/relationships fail - i dunno - take your pick :-D

Anonymous said...

Fugly Husbands!
The snatcher is not the main issue. And the snatch is not one either.

It is all about Sex. And that too - sex without love in it.

If only men were more honourable, and knew how to deal with their own pricks.

What has Trust or the lack of it got to do with the pleasures of the skin?

Aalman reckons 75% of married Bahraini men cheat... (are the others Gay?)
Ugh! An island of cheaters? No wonder the country is going down the drain.

SillyBahrainiGirl said...


Welcome back... wonder which peak you were nesting on !


No horror stories about Fugly wife snatchers for my book? said...

It seems that women who are seriously flawed in their looks are seemingly always the 'givers'. They have no problem takin if off but to be able to make a man cheat on his wife, that is nothing short of stupid.
Their ever faithful husbands are not so it seems.

DJ said...

Alrighty then. It happened to me, except we weren't married, but together for 10 years and had purchased a house together. Now she's living in MY house. Talk about nerve. Here's the story.

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