Everyone is on the street...the people are rising!
A rally in Beirut:
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A rally in Bahrain:
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Wonder if the government would have given the Bahrain rally the go-ahead had women bared all for a national cause??
Again this is just a silly observation and no offence is intended. I myself was covered up yesterday - not for the rally - but because I had to go to pay my condolences to someone .. so I really have no reservations whatsoever about covering up... my only concern was covering up the mannequins and I think I was more than vocal about that!
Every event and every place has its own code of dress - which I totally respect.


Anonymous said...

I would've definitely joined the celebrations had there been scrumptious ladies like the 2 top pictures... not sure I would enjoy all that b.o. with the covered up lot!

Angelo Embuldeniya said...

i don't think the mannequins should be covered up! I believe that clothes should be painted on them instead - you know something like body paint - cos this would be fair to all those who feel that covering up the mannequins are silly and also it would be fair to those who found the current ones bare & offensive - BODY PAINT - The solution to all this idioticy! :D

Anonymous said...

Oh Mummy!!!

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