How do you wake up the dead?
When something is dead and gone .. do you give it a second chance and wait for life to breathe into it again?
When do you pull the plug?
When do you call it a day?
When do you too kick the bucket and take a new route?

Change hurts. It takes us from the familiar to new places we haven't been to before. It removes us from our comfort zones .. and immerses us in experiences we never envisioned we'd come eye to eye with ever.

But not all change is bad.

With this thought I take my next plunge (and I can't swim by the way!!!)


Ammaro said...

embrace change no matter how tough it is, because its going to come whether you want it to or not. if you try to resist it, its just gonna make things tougher.

thats just life, unfortunately. but if you try to enjoy it, adapt to it, live with it, youll be all the better for it

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