Birthdays mean nothing to me.
It just means that I have become older .. but never wiser.
Once silly, always silly.

In other matters, it has been pouring here. The sun hasn't come out for a few day and that naturally dampens my spirits. Back home in Bahrain, clouds in the sky and a little drizzle used to charge me and add a sparkle to my life. Sigh! Not any more!

I don't think I can bear the snow and cold weather for another winter. I don't think I can continue to be so homesick anymore. When I talk to people back home and tell them how much I miss Bahrain, they hiss back at me صلى على النبي!!

It sounds like I am committing high treason by saying that Bahrain is where my heart, soul and life is - despite everything - from the childish politics to the Surreal Life!

My life here in Canada wasn't a total waste. I discovered new things about myself. I mean for someone who never had to make tea or coffee for herself in her entire life - I am now down to cleaning toilets.

Now that is an achievement!


Islander said...

i feel you.. same thing for me, ppl are confused when i talk about how much i miss bahrain, or book my ticket back the same day i finish exams, cry when i leave..

Bravecat said...

Yup the Gulf luxurious lifestyle is nothing like the tough reality of the world elsewhere :P

Toilets, you say? Wow. I bet you can't wait to be back home!

Ammaro said...

awww.. you poor thing you... but now we know you're that much stronger. and yes, youre not the typical dalee3a ba7raini girl anymore, which is an excellent achievement :D

it wont be long now dear. how long till you come home?

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