Since it's Halloween, I have decided to dress up as a fat depressed woman, whose mind races faster than her fingers type, and who is at the verge of a nervous breakdown!


Just for the heck of it people .. You know, when the flowers are blooming and the weather is spring all year round, crazy ideas come to your head. In my case, all my ideas are of course SILLY but then who I am to blame?

Happy Halloween people.

My friend Abood is visiting me in a few days and his mission in life is: to lift my spirits!

Aboood..Come soon! I miss the singsongy Muharraqi accent .. and don't forget to get me some Halwa Showaiter and Matay!


Shusma said...

Happy birthday Silly!

You should have dressed up as a brilliant writer for Halloween and thus just worn your regular everyday costume!


I'm about to get ready for our Halloween house party, everyone is going to my mom's house and we're doing a haunted house. I am either going to be a dead Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz orrrrrrr a dead bumblebee.

Have a great night and eat lotssss of candy.

Ammaro said...

take pix! :D

last year i was a pimp :p

you do NOT wanna see pix of that :p

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

hehe ..

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