Dear Sans,
Two wrongs never made a right and never will.. but in this wrong wrong world, sometimes we are left with no choice.
I am writing to you with complete submission to the fact that nothing I or you say will change the hard facts of the Law of the Jungle which governs our everyday lives and interactions with others.
I know you have been around Arabs for a while now, but all of us from Morocco all the way East to the oil-rich Gulf, are hypocrites, racists and liars. Those among us who are cultured and educated enough, have some common sense to conceal their true feelings and mask them behind double-glazed words. For other simpletons, it isn't as easy and thereby they hang themselves when they carry their emotions on their sleeves.
Our interaction with the West, if anything, has cemented our hypocrisy and made it a way of life, instead of a free choice. We can't speak the truth. We can't write the truth. We sometimes can't even think the truth - because it hurts.
Sans, it hurts so so so bad. It is worse than how you or any other person who has lived in the region perceives it.
To be an Arab, you are doomed several times over. I don't have the courage to speak out today .. perhaps another day .. when my tongue is not so tied .. I will be able to make my arguments more coherent.
Until then, make the most of your time in the Gulf..and if for whatever reason, you are let down, you always have a home to go back to. I am by no way asking you to leave my dear friend, for your presence means a lot to me and I know how much good there is in your heart. But you have a choice. For us, Gulfies, that small pond doomed by oil and tyrants with small penises, is our home and grave.


Joeprah said...

WOW! You are so blunt. Wonderful. I am impressed with how you are so strong in your character. I have three daughters and I hope I can raise them to be as strong as you are one day. What a difficult time for everyone in the gulf and I say that as an American living in a comfortable suburb with no idea of the conflict that rages except from news reports I debate about in my mind. I do not know the whole picture and because of that my opinion is worthless and not forthcoming. I simply wish the best for you and your friends and family from here on out.

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

Thanks Jeoprah! That comment means a lot to me :)

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