I know it's rude..but I can't help it. I catch myself observing people from a distance and sometimes even eaves dropping on their conversations. I don't know why tables are so closely huddled in restaurants.

Yesterday, I went for a stroll to a nearby restaurant. Sitting in my corner looking at my phone and summoning it to ring .. duh?? like anyone would call me .. I just couldn't help but engage in my new craze. Some of those weirdos were scary. I don't know whether I was out at the wrong time of the day .. or whether I never noticed it before.. but odd couples certainly attract.

Take that midget with a ponytail who was standing at the corner sipping his beer. He was wearing a tight red shirt.. and that wasn't in solidarity with the monks in Burma.. with unkempt hair (hehe.. I know I shouldn't point fingers) which looked like it hasn't been washed in months. Despite his ripe age, his buttoned down shirt and his miniature stature, he had the widest grin I have seen in months..If he can smile, so can I, I told my solitary self. Suddenly, a blonde babe conjures herself out of no where and sweeps him off the ground! Her boobs were at about the same elevation as his greasy ponytail! But hey! Who am I to judge. They were together. I was sitting in my corner watching ALONE.


Ammaro said...

you have arab blood in you :D

no, people watching can be fun. just keep the thoughts to yourself though :p no need to chit chatter about them eheh.

mskeena amira, wheres the hubby?

Hani Obaid said...

You are not alone, everyone is a little voyeuristic.

When I was living in a college dorm, I had a radio scanner, and would leave it on as a diversion while studying.

I would pick up phonecalls on the whole campus.

The best ones were about people I know, because people don't normally say what they really think directly to a person's face but are all too happy to say it to someone else !

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