When the truth hurts, many resort to living in DENIAL. It is better to sweep the problem under the carpet, than hover over a cesspit and deal with the problems on your own turf. Better still, let's launch an attack on the retarded rich Gulf Arabs, who are living in Bedouin backwardness and who are fucking their brains out with needy Moroccan prostitutes, driven to the rich Gulf shores by poverty and unemployment in their country!

This is what has happened with our sad Moroccan blogger Adilski, whose post I translated for Global Voices last night.

Instead of dealing with the problem of prostitutes in his own country - who are being exported to ours en masse - he lashes out at Gulf Arabs calling us and our children deprived lesbians and gays. He goes on to compare between our women and theirs.

If our men were so gay, why are your women dying for them and kissing their toes?

While I don't want to stoop so low and resort to name calling, I couldn't but roll my eyes in horror, when he called us jealous and envious of the class, sophistication, ability and adaptability of their women.

As a woman, I am hurt by Adilski's generalisations. As an educated Gulf citizen, I am not surprised, for in my career and travels, I have come across those specimens so many many times, that I know that racism have no boundaries, and nothing is sacred.

What made me chuckle though -- for I am a person who sees a silver lining even in the most treacherous clouds -- how could someone in a glasshouse, throw others with stone?

Personally, I am yet to see a Moroccan woman in Bahrain or the Gulf, who isn't a prostitute or greedily digging into a rich married man's wallet. Despite this, I never stooped so low as to taint all Moroccan women as prostitutes. I will never do that. I don't know them all, so I just can't justify any generalisations. Also, for every prostitute to flourish, there has to be a client... Despite this, all the men I know, swear on their mothers' graves, that they have never paid a prostitute for sex - ever. Then again, Adilski says all our men are gay! Please don't tell me that the Moroccan babes are at our shores to fuck our cooks and drivers!


Qwaider قويدر said...

That's not the way to talk about it.

There is an issue in the gulf states with people being excessively horny AND thinking that everyone is up for sale.

You know why women are kissing someone else's feet? Money! Simple!

The amount of people in the gulf that I have seen with obsession for sex. ANY SEX, with a woman, man, camel, goat, young boys is just INSANE in the gulf! I was even solicited for that myself! Not only by women (good) but also by MEN!!!!! And I swear that happened to me, PERSONALLY!

Do you deny that you have these issues in the gulf? More than anywhere else in the world?

I thing the concept of Gay isn't the right term, many are omni-sexual if there is such a term. Any hole they can stick their who-huh in they would do it.

Your fingers are not alike, and I'm sure most gulf people are normal people. But the percentage of the reckless assholes ruins it for everyone

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

Yup. Qwaider, it is always the small percentage that ruins it for the rest of us.

I don't deny that we have problems in the Gulf - but I also don't accept Adliski's take that Moroccan women aren't prostituting themselves.. and if and when they do, they do it because of their need, poverty and unemployment .. and when Gulf Arabs use those this cheap merchandise - found on our streets in abundance - and help those poor women make ends meet - they become the uncivilised brutes, gays and lesbians!


I don't deny there is a problem.. but I have issue with tainting all Gulf Arabs and calling them names - when it is those low class women who make their way into their lives and topple their worlds on their heads.

Sans said...

What, what, what? Low class women?

Two wrongs don't make a right - Never has, Never will.

SBG, you need to read that translation you did - again.

Qwaider قويدر said...

And if you allow me a little correction. Most of these women don't prostitute themselves. They're forced into it like slaves. There's a sex mafia that forces young girls who don't know better or who have been fooled into it. To become like that.

I frankly feel sorry for them. I don't think any woman would willingly throw herself in the arms of a dirty old mofo who hadn't had a bath in a month. She would probably feel nauseated spitting at him, let alone be the receptacle of his filth!

Anyway, I get your point that you don't think the problem originated by men buying the merchandise. After all, the supply is there. But fact is. It's like any business based no supply and demand. And that demand (and the buying power) is there in the gulf

A larger issue is with the wonderful women from the gulf who end up marrying to one of those guys after he contracts a million STD and all her decency and virtue will not protect her from contracting what he's got!

And frankly the unjust laws in the gulf which forces women to ONLY get married to someone from their native country who will ill treat her and deny her rights. While someone from the outside might be what she wants and needs

xoussef said...

@ Bahraini Girl: I fully agree with you, but i also understand his anger. It hurts so much to be treated like that, so it's exactly the kind of superficial and epidermic reaction you can expect from both parts. Look what was your reaction to a single post, and imagine what would it be if it was systematic.
i tried in a post to dispassionate this topic. I do not Blame any Khaleeji for having such misconceptions, i blame the media that builds it and feed it day after day. People take this and spread it in forums, comment it and create such unbearable prejudice and hatred.
There are so much sordid stories carried by these media that do not reflect the truth of Moroccan society, but that take so much coverage that it is hard not to suspect some systematic attacks. Part of it is real, but why only Morocco? this kind of things exist every where, so why only us?
it's unfair..

PS: That aside, as long as people are adult and consenting, i think they should be free to do whatever they want in private. But If you blame Moroccan women in golf states for being prostitutes or hunting for rich husbands, you should also blame Khaleeji men willing to pay for sex and to take second and third wives. There is no supply without demand.

Joeprah said...

I feel very fortunate to gain insight into a world I know nothing about. Reading this post and the responses to the post really help me understand more of a picture that I really know very little about. It is a shame that women are treated in such a way regardless of which country they come from.

Lamia said...

Silly and sad!!!!

Silly girl, how about getting a bit serious and rereading Adilski’s post in Arabic once again before jumping and making inaccurate conclusions out his post.

As a Moroccan woman, I can tell you one thing, I have been hit on many times by gulf men in educational institutions in AMERICA!!!! Mind you, I did not have to twist my tongue in a dirty khaliji tongue, or show a cleavage to provoke them. All I did was introducing myself as being a native of Morocco, and that was more than enough to make them start drooling over my white lab coat!!!! And you can imagine the humiliation and disgust! But what can I say? Some of your men travel with their dirty luggage to wherever they go...that is assuming that I might accept their invitation to party with them as soon as I take off my goggles and white lab...and educated person during the day and party whore animal to satisfy their animalistic desires at night!!!

Just like you felt offended by Adilski’s post, I feel offended too by the way you attacked him back and the way you portrayed Moroccan women in your post as prostitutes greedily digging into rich men’s wallet. I mean, do your gulf men have some brain under their skull to put in use for Heaven’s sake??! Or perhaps they want free access to the exotic Moroccan body: use it, abuse it, and with no limits and no worries!!!

Silly girl, haven’t you read about the cases of hundreds of Moroccan women trapped in prostitution mafia network by force in the gulf region??? Haven’t you heard about the killing of those who tried to run away from those networks? Haven’t you heard about the torture of those who were put behind the bars because they had the guts to seek help from local police?

And by the way, haven't you seen that documentary about khaleeji women and how they strip naked
in front of their web cam locked in their rooms??????the truth is
prostitution and human disdain exist everywhere.. so doesn't ring a bell????

I mean for God's sake aren't you guys getting it yet??? There is so much sexual frustration in your countries .. so much beyond control...so I think it would be more rational to ask and research reasons why your men can't hold their pants zipped rather than putting the blaming on the abundance of prostitutes in the country.

So take it easy silly girl!!!!

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

I appreciate you taking the time to rationalise the issue at hand and I applaud you for your frankness.
Yes, Khaleeji men behave in an appalling manner and can't keep their pants on.
Also yes, Moroccan women are unwittingly caught up in prostitution webs .. and those are issues which have to be dealt with firmly - especially when considering who their pimps are - usually men way way way above the law in both our countries.
And yes, there are some women from Morocco who aren't being forced into the 'industry' but are doing it for a quick fix and I don't blame them when our men have different sets of laws for everything under the sun!
Also, yes, there are huge sexual frustrations and issues in Khaleeji societies.
Having said this, what Adliski wrote about Khaleejis:
1.. الخليج ، مرتع النفاق الإجتماعي بامتياز ، انتشار اللوطية و السحاقية بين أبناء و بناتهم المحرومين و المحرومات من بعض الحريات التافهة بالمقاييس الدولي
2..فهي تستطيع أن تعمل خارج المنزل في المدرسة، الشركة، و الصيدلية بكل ثقة و كفاءة كما تستطيع أن تؤدي دورها كربة منزل ، تدير مطبخها بنفسها بدون الإستعانة بخادمة و أن تربي أبناءها و تعتني بزوجها. فهذا الأمر بالنسبة اللمرأة الخليجية هو من سابع المستحيلات نظرا لظغوط المجتمع و طبيعته البدوية حيث تغيب ثقافة المساواة بين الجنسين أو عقلية الإنفتاح على ثقافات أخرى.
3..تراكم هذه العوامل يولد نوعا من الغيرة و الغبن عند بعض الخليجيين، فيأتي دور قناة العربية لتلعب على هذه الوثرة الحساسة و تدغدغ الأنا الخليجى مع إيجاد بديل قريب و عربي لتفادي التطرق إلى الكثير من الظواهر الشادة في المجتمع الخليجي.

is a gross misrepresentation of the situation on the ground.

1. We aren't all lesbians and gays!
2. We aren't less sophisticated than any other breed - Bedouin or not. Our women are able to handle their homes and careers - are educated, bilingual and are proving themselves more and more everyday - despite the conditions and environment we live under.
3. At least among the people I have come across, I have never seen a Khaleeji envious or jealous of other Arabs. On the contrary, in my travels I have faced discrimination from many many Arabs - included educated ones. I don't hold it against them - I don't blame them for their narrow mindedness and ignorance.

Not all Khaleejis are born with platinum diamond-studded spoons in our mouths. Khaleeji women especially are victims several times over - no matter which part of the hierarchy we come from. Any victory of ours is hard won.

If you are appalled with the behaviour of 'our' men - what do we say? Who do we complain to? And what's more important, who will listen to us?

DJ Mysterio said...

why the hell u guys only blaming Khaleeji men
what we have done, we are not like you guys are commenting as we are..
especially here in bahrain; bahrain is multi cultural country people for outside come here and ruining our names especaislly from KSA and Qatar, they come for girls here and most girls here in Bahrain are not Bahrainis they are from outside Bahrain especialy from thailand and russia and from other arab countries..
so guys please stop these nonesense
we all arabs are brothers and even non arabs who are fighting for peace in this world..
respect to all of you from Arif Al Bolushi

nadoui said...

habibti silly bahraini girl

as ur name shows,u r really silly,stupid and not mature at all!!! sorry to say that but the way u talk about moroccan girls means that u r simply jealous and frustrated!u have no right to talk about people of any nationality in such a way.let me show u something : moroccan girls are beautiful and u have to accepte this,and most khaliji women hate them because of this.khaliji guys are crazy about them and u can not deny it honey,that s a fact!!!so u have to accept it!u r giving a hard time to urself for no reason.moroccans are the most sexy and attractive women and u can t change it sweety unfortunately.so relax,take it easy babe!!!and u can t deny as well that there is an incredible attraction between khaliji guys and moroccan girls.and u know why?because they take care of their men,they are sexy,educated,beautiful and simply the best!!!!!yep!!i know it s hard for u to accept it but that s the way it is habibti.i ll give u an advice ,before saying any prejudice,go for a moroccan bath first and scrub ur body,i m sure u need it cause u all just take a shower(that s what ur men say about u!)and try to change ur nick name as well for "dirty and smelly silly bahraini girl",it suits u really!!!!!
best advices from a beautiful moroccan girl.موتى بحرتك أو غيضك يا معفنة!!!!!!!!!!!!!!loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooollllllllll

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