What I mean to say is that we aren't doing that bad in Bahrain...erm.. Wonderland!

I mean we have our hiccups; we have after all JAILED forum administrators for comments written by other people on their site; we have had a law which ordered all bloggers to register with the Ministry of Disinformation or face the gallows; and our very own Godfather was after all dragged to court and sued (case dropped) for calling a spade .. well .. a spade.. But we are still fine .. and our blogosphere kicks ass!

We are still blogging, ranting and raving .. and our voices are being heard. Yes, it is only us hearing each other .. but the world is listening and keeping a close eye on us.

So what makes me think we are doing fine? Two alarming developments dropped into my inbox this morning which made me see light. Now I don't want to give the goons new ideas .. not that they are short on terror tactics to subjugate subjects .. but I have to share with you how others are worse off than we are.

Italy of all places is following in our footsteps. What a bloody shame! They must have an Arab adviser somewhere..

And also .. (this didn't come as a surprise).. a Syrian blogger was 'kidnapped' yesterday .. for speaking up and asking for her rights!


What the goons don't understand is that the world is now too too small.. and just as they are watching us .. they are being watched by a growing number of people around the world who are not at all pleased with our immaculate human rights record! No good deed goes unrecorded.. and no bad deed too! What's more exciting is that bad deeds get sensationalised and blown out of proportion .. as we live in a fast world and we only have time to grab the headlines.

Thank you world for watching.. Thank you for reading and listening .. and thank you for spreading the word. I know I am not doing any wrong by speaking my mind and writing my thoughts.. and I also understand that you have the right to do the same. I know I will continue to write .. and I know that if for any reason I am 'kidnapped' or muzzled... you will be there for me!


Shusma said...

Nice post SBG, I've been getting a few visitors from centcom, it's rather pathetic actually because that person clicks on ALLLLLLL my Iraq links as though it doesn't know where to get news links from! I feel dirty to provide a news clearinghouse for him ... or her!

Sami Ben Gharbia said...

Last night (October 26), we’ve received a call from Rokana Hamour. She is fine. She has been interrogated by the Syrian Security Services about a comment left on her blog. Rokana was released three hours later.

thanks for the post SBG :) (SBG are also my initials: Sami Ben Gharbia)


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