With my birthday in a few days, moon sighting or NOT, here's my wish list my dear friends. Spare me the birthday cards, ecards and text messages .. and dig deep into your pockets to make me happy - for I am really really really down.

In no particular order, here are my must-have items this autumn/winter:

1. This gorgeous LV bag: I know I have a similar one. But I want this too :)
2. This lovely Prada:
I promised you I will keep away from the shimmer and shine..but after last week's impulsive buys.. and now that I have the matching boots and shoes.. I can't live without it!

Other items..coming soon!


Qwaider قويدر said...

First of all Happy birthday :) Are you also a Libra?

As for your wish list!! ... All I can say is .... "women!"

Ammoontie said...

Happy Birthday dear...It is always a pleasure to read your blog. Hope you will get all your birthday wishes...LV..Prada..all the yummy things !
Success, good health, wealth, happiness and may all your dreams come true.

xoussef said...

Happy Birthday hehe
mine is coming up soon too, but all i wish is that someone remember it this year... i could do fine with the SMS and post cards ^^
so are you Libra or Scorpio?

Islander said...

i posted a wishlist too, tho my b-day is not till december, i figuered this way people can carefully plan and choose wat they want to get me haha.. love ur list btw..

happy birthday, and have a good one :)

Ammaro said...

blah blah LV, Prada, bla bla, gucci, bla bla, and so on.


Why don't you ask for something meaningful? Like a new top of the line drill or something.

Mahmood Al-Yousif said...

happy birfday to you, happy birfday too yoooo, happy baaaayyyyrfday happpy birfday haaaaaappy birfday toooooo eyoooooooo!

mwah xxx

Bravecat said...

Happy birthday, girl!

The bags are horrible, but hey, whatever tickles your fancy :P :P

Just kidding. They're gorgeous.

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

Thanks for your greetings :)

And the bags .. are the ONLY things which could make me happy now!

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