I am not a spiteful person.. I mean.. not always. But this is - I warn you - a vicious attack.. against a modest prostitute.

The other day I accidently bumped into a prostitute, who left me scratching my head.. wondering why I chose the wrong profession in life. haha ..

Anyway.. she came across as a high-class whore, who had no worries about showing her true colour - even to a total stranger. I didn't know much about her but agreed to meet her out of curiosity - on condition that she didn't know that I know she is a whore. I mean, you gotta play games with this type.

I chatted to her .. she asked about life in Canada.. haha .. told her the taxes there were high and cracked a joke that even prostitutes get taxed there! I mean, if the woman was thinking of moving her service centre, Canada would be a more dangerous place for her to tout her goodies, especially since the country has a free press and a prostitution law. You wouldn't want a Bahraini with a family name tagged at the end, featured in Western papers now .. would you? See how kind-hearted I am.

She asked me what a good business to get involved in was.. and I told her prostitution was lucrative.. haha .. and then advised her that she better have an initial investment to be able to build something on a solid ground. She asked: like how much? And naive me thought that I would scare her: so I said you need about $50,000.. to which she replied: I can raise that by tomorrow. It will take a few phone calls. I wonder why my phone calls cost me money and not generate a fixed income??!

Afterwards, I complimented her dress and handbag, which she said that it was a gift from a friend. A boy friend, I presume. I didn't pry but she volunteered: He always gives me bags as gifts. Not bad for about $1,500 a gift! Now is the time for me to pounce: LOL: And why don't you get the money instead of the bag and buy whatever you want, I naively ask. Stupidly, she tells me: he also give me money. What an iffffing moron!


In Arabic we have a vulgar saying: Kiss Yeghni .. Kiss Yefger. It translates to: A Vagina can make you rich.. and a vagina can make you poor. She has the right type of woman private part, I presume!


Munther said...

Now that's a unique post when I see one ! I agree with you my friend ! How can people go through this road is just beyond me ! And talk about it so openly is just shocking ! Oh well, it's time to think of a career change ! :P

BB said...

that bad huh :)

Anonymous said...

Was she hot?

El-Gizuli said...

That was a funny read, not so silly girl

I like your smart way of carrying a conversation with such riffraff.

so she was having a LV huh? what an ugly bag!!!! and no I'm not saying that coz I can't afford, it really is ugly :-)

Joel Indrupati said...

Hmmmmmmm...very thought-provoking. Your subject seems to have what it takes to be what she is. Just imagine...if she is confident of raising 50000 dollars overnight!! She must be a Wow wolf!!! But my concern is for those blinded sheep who would be parting with that amount (for her and her bags). But frankly, its not surprising. I once met a man who passed on gold chains and gold pendants to a dancing girl, whom he used to regularly go and watch. Therefore, if some morons can display such generousity for girl whom they didn't even touch... there may be others whom your prostitute knows who can definitely give her more.

Westy said...

Hi there,

ever have those days where you realise the world is a small place? I came across a posting you made on another friend's blog (Tom Gara in Egypt). How do you guys know each other? Looking forward to hearing from you, drop me a line on my blog if it is easier.


Gardens of Sand said...

Hehhe SBG! That must've been some meeting! Seriously though, I pity the family of the fool throwing his money on her. As for her, better milk it while it lasts, gravity is a B****, and she ain't getting younger.

Um Naief said...

my dear... your whore makes me wonder if it's my whore (the one living in the flats across from us).

she dresses to show what she is.... mixes no words or so i'm told. i've seen her up close and she isn't pretty, but has major shakira (sp??) hair (sound anything like your gal?). she's not young either... and has some rather young clients... so i guess that doesn't matter and your words at the end of your blog must be true! that's the only explanation i have for it.

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