Do you know what I am looking forward most in Bahrain?

Here we go. Let me flex my muscles and show off.

I will be able to eat without having to worry who cooked the food or who will wash the bloody dishes; go out without having to worry whether there is fuel in the car or whether it is clean or there is air in the tires or water in where ever water should go.. erm.. the wipers and that jug near the engine; I will have a clean house without having to vacuum and dust and sweep; I will be able to go out as I please without having to worry about whether I will freeze to death or not; I will not have to wear layers of clothes and I will be able to get as tanned as I want; I will have friends and family to talk to and won't have to go cooo coo coooo on a quiet morning to check whether my voice box still works; I will be able to get really angry in person instead of ranting and raving behind a screen; I will have a housemaid and a houseboy; I will not worry ... I will worry .. No. I won't. I will tell myself I am on holiday there .. just as I tell myself I am on holiday here. Yes. I will continue to lie to myself.

Meanwhile.. I have to wash clothes and dishes and clean this place up; rearrange my wardrobe .. like put the winter stuff behind and the summery clothes in my face; Put the winter boots and bags in their boxes and bags; pack my bags for travel; and wait .. wait.. wait!

emmm.. what else? After a few warm days.. the sky decided to take a dump today. I woke up and the whole world was covered with snow. And flurries are flying everywhere. Like.. what the hell.. whatever.. I am leaving anyway ..


Amjad said...

Have a wonderful holiday :->

Cerebralwaste said...

Have a GREAT trip SBG. I wish I was going with you. Alas Florida will have to do.. No sharwarma though......

Joel Indrupati said...

Hi ya SBG. Go ahead. Have a great Holiday in Bahrain. But if you are already here in Bahrain. Well...welcome back. You won't miss the rise of the Manamahattan skyline since your last visit. And yes, yes, 'Manamahattan' is my own coinage. So, Psssssssst...Is there any way I can get a copyright for a word like this?? lol..I wish there was!!Anyway, Have a nice time.

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