All that you will hear about over the next few 100 and so hours is me ranting and raving about my imminent visit to Wonderland. And when I am there, all that you will put up with is me nagging about how I can't stand it any more!

And you can't blame me .. for I am a woman, who is excused for having mood swings :)

When I flew into Wonderland in December, all went smoothly, until the automatic doors opened and I was outside the airport. FOUR (migrant workers??) wearing white panjabis (long shirt and baggy trousers) and holding hands (why do men hold hands when they walk??) passed by me as my sister was parking the car.

Guess what one or two or what it seemed like all of them together did? The bastards started clearing their throats and together - in harmony - spat the biggest greenest meanest spit on the pavement right outside the airport door.

It goes without saying that I flipped and started screaming and swearing in every language under the sun! I was welcomed to Wonderland in style. Don't know what will be awaiting this time round?


ThinkPink said...

On the holding hands bit, some men hold hands when they walk since they most likely feel that sense of unity or two becoming one. Either that or it's a habbit which has crept involuntary and made it's way from private to public between friends.. something like that i guess.

As for the spitting/clearing of throats act, which i find absolutely disgusting not to mention those 'staring back at them' moments. A Cambodian friend in college got fined $50 CDN when he bellowed and royaly spat upon a sidewalk in Edmonton and to top it all had a court hearing for disturbing the peace in public :P

Maybe they should introduce something like that here in wonderland, except instead of issuing fines on the spot, have folks come in during the week within rush hour timings to pay the fine in bits, so not all 10 dinars all at once, 2 a day so it's a horrible experience and the person wouldn't become a repeat offender..

But this is wonderland where some of the cops do the same thing at the roundabouts and highway exits. :(

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