I was chatting to someone and out of the blue he asked: "Why do you think there are no BD50 notes in Bahrain?"
"Why indeed?" I asked.

His answer shocked more than it amused me. He said: "It is because it will look embarrassing for a human being to get four notes as his monthly salary."

Embarrassing? Does he really think that Wonderland could ever be embarrassed for humiliating it's citizens??


On another note, while on the topic of notes, remember the high-class prostitute I was telling you about? She walks around with BD20 bundles in a rubber band in her bag!!

He was telling me: Is it fair that she gets that much money for a fuck when others have to work day and night to make a few notes? (Much less notes, if I may add)

Fair? In Wonderland?!! Cough.. sneeze.. fart!


Socrates said...

Who is the prostitute? The woman who got paid for sex or the one who pays for sex?

Isn't the one who pays for sex, the real prostitute?

Isn't it amazing that people are ready to abuse a woman... when we all turn a blind eye towards crimes of all sorts?

A woman, no matter whether she adheres to the "moral diktats" of an impotent society or not - is always an easy target. A soft target.

Um Naief said...

first, let me say that i love the new sexy bahraini girl at the top of your blog. very stylish and alluring.

we have a hooker living in the flats catycorner to us. i'm not sure that she's high class. what makes one a high class hooker and how would one know by looking?

she seems to stay busy and even has a regular guy, who i'm told is a cop, if you can believe it... as i'm sure you can.

and in response to socrates... sometimes women want to be an easy target. this girl that lives across from us... it's very obvious that she's very happy w/ her lifestyle. does that make her an easy target or even a soft target? she chose to do this, i'm pretty sure. and i think that when you pay for sex, you are also a prostitute in a way... you're no better than the one you're getting it from.

Unknown said...

the more the risk higher the pay .... BD 20 notes are present in Kuwait as well .... and people in other countries would be lucky to have 4 50 BD notes as a salary ....

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