This is Wonderland for all of you out there. The land of missed opportunities, unless of course you are a drug baron, a high-class prostitute or an Islamic fanatic.. or better yet - all THREE together!


Gardens of Sand said...

SBG, it's been a while girl..I missed your posts!

You certainly have a way w/ words, lol.. :D

Sad, funny and so true.. Land of missed opportunities, I like that as much as Wonderland.

Cerebralwaste said...

Come on SBG.. NAME NAMES!!! Don't just give us this little teases. SPIL THE FREAKIN' DIRT!

Georgia said...

Exactly! You draw us in with the titillating title, then you don't even offer a link????

And while you're at it, could you please change your settings so that those of us who don't use Blogger can insert the URLs for our blogs?

Um Naief said...

yeah, i agree... i want the info. i promise not to tell!!! ;~)

you forgot... maybe it pays to be an MP who has a fetish w/ mannequins...

i love your juicy stories.

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