Isn't it reassuring to know that ministries and government agencies in Bahrain are CORRUPT!

That projects budgeted for have failed to materialise and that public funds are being funneled into the pockets of a few?

That many know of misconduct and are too afraid to speak up even at this age of pseudo-deMOCKracy?

Way to go Bahrain!! Will daylight robbery become a distant memory from or will it continue as unscrupulous officials continue to wreak havoc, knowing that they enjoy the custody of the state and can continue to siphon public funds with no questions asked?

The tragedy in Bahrain is that corrupt officials are usually rewarded - with a golden handshake or a bloody promotion.

We have seen it happen in the pre-deMOCKracy era and will continue to see it in the future. The thing is it has become a deep-rooted Arab tradition, being nurtured in optimal conditions!!

I am so glad I am OUT of the cess pit.


AbuRasool said...

SBG you are so glad your OUT of the cess pit.

I could envy you If I did not know better. Soon the 'cess pit' will haunt you.

I have been thrown 'out of the 'cess pit' for some 25 years. Yet, its odor reached me wherever I went.

It still does.

Welcome to the Bahrain Diaspora!

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

Scary thought!!

It sure does haunt me - already!

Um Naief said...

Question - does the public believe what these govt sectors say? It seems that a lot of promises are made but nothing happens. But.. I've only been living here for about 3 yrs. Not that politicians are corrupt in the U.S., cuz they r! But, because Bahrain is so small, I think it's easier to see this stuff. I worked for a Minister who was said, in private conversations, to be corrupt. Money was wasted in that ministry like you wouldn't believe.

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