Another glorious morning in sunny Hamilton.

They (the Canadians) say is exceptionally great weather for November. All the TV stations are going on about it.

I went for a stroll to the nearby STRIP mall the other day with just a pair of jeans and a skimpy top on... and then the clouds came and it became cold!! I had a jacket in my bag which I wore as soon as the dark omens made themselves visible in the treacherous blue sky above!

It is amazing how deceptive the weather is here. In Wonderland, it is constant for the entire day.. month.. to be more precise. Here, it changes on whether you are in the sun or the shade, whether you are in downtown or out in the suburbs. I guess I will have to experiement until I get the right mix.

Maybe I should change my field altogether and move from writing to something else.. I took my camera with me yesterday and captured some amazing shots. Boy.. am I good. I should invest in a better camera... and then process the pictures and perhaps paint them.

This will keep me busy here. I also want to go back to writing. I will have to look at some freelancing options here and there and see where that leads me. I miss being a journalist. I miss talking to people. I miss seeing my name in print !!

Ok.. I have the blog.. what am I going on about??


Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

How quickly you are adapting. You now talk about the weather all the time just like Canadians!!!

SillyBahrainiGirl said...


Is this a good sign or a bad one??

MuppetLord said...

Probably a good one. I think Canadians have the same attitude to the weather as Brits do.

Unknown said...

Silly girl, your are being set up for a hard fall. You will soon find out how intemperate the temperate zone can be. I was once a denizen of the state of New Jersey “The Garden State” (just don't dig your garden too deep or you might find the bones of a Mafiosi) and the weather there could turn on you in a single day. November can be a goofy month. It can start mild and end harsh or go the other way. Sooner or later those arctic winds will come barreling down from the North and right up your skirt. Invest in some wool sweaters and down jackets PRONTO.

Cerebralwaste said...

I don't think SBG is ready for the onslaught of artic cold heading her way in a few short days! She will adapt and overcome it I am sure!

Now how much bottled sunshine did you want me to bring back for you???

Blewyn said...

Hey SBG don't you have a flickr account for these wonderful pictures ?

Now you understand why we Brit prattle on about the weather ! It's because you don't know what you're doing with your free time until you look out the window in the morning...

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