I am so angry today I could get paralyzed.

Remember my problem with the bank when I first arrived in Canada.. Well, the saga continues.

I thought that the fucking financial hub of the Middle East would live up to its reputation for once. But that part of the world is bent on letting me down every step of the way.. even when I am so far away.. and I don't have an explanation.

I fully understand that I should have faith..but my fate seems to be the same with that dark cloud following me wherever I go.

I have a 101 ideas going on in my head that any moment. I am so self-destructive, it is crazy sometimes. But there are a few things which keep me in line: my mum, my family and hubby - they are all there for me to fall on when that bloody system lets me down.


Mike C said...

Could you just fly back to Bahrain, withdrawl the entire balance, and fly back to Canada? Sounds like the peace of mind you would get would be worth the few thousand dollars spent on the trip.

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

nope.. i dont want to fly back to bahrain..YET!

and the bank thing sorted itself out..finally!

I mean I got the money I need for the time-being .. but I don't seem to be able to get a letter from my bank stating my CREDIT HISTORY!!

My bank in Bahrain doesn't know what that means and my bank here doesn't understand that they don't know what it means .. and I am in the middle!!

Mike C said...

well, progress at least!

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

a month to transfer money from one account to the other in the same international banking chain!

Mike C said...

1 month? Man, that's one slow modem!

Bahrain Pictures said...

I never been angrier with the services in Bahrain.


The worst Service from a Bank

My Name is Taufik Kurniawan, I have been using a NBB for more than one year.
The service is acceptable, compare it with the services I usually get from my bank.

I don't know, maybe they don't train their staff about the customer services, and how to run a service company.
How can I sure that NBB is the worst service bank in Bahrain?
I used to get new credit card, anywhere in a bank .. usually 2 weeks.
However almost 3 months, this NBB cannot deliver me a single replacement of credit card.

Below is the story.
I have a credit card from NBB (it was Visa Card). I never been able to use this credit card for online transaction in ebay, amazon and other.
(it was maybe in August or September 2006). Their staff is suggesting me to change the credit card from Visa to Master Card so that I can use it for internet transaction.

Then I request to replace the credit card from Visa to Master Card and will collect it from the bank, main branc/head office in NBB tower Manama.
As I was a bit busy, I went to collect my credit card a bit late, and the staff was saying they have already sent it through snail mail.
But because of my office has recently moved to other location, I never received the letter nor the credit card.

One month after, .... having been of tired of calling and wasting my mobile credit .... contacting every number they asked ... 17205727, 17205741, 17205707, 17214433, 17225151..etc..

during the last one month, based on their suggestion I was asking to re-request to make credit card replacement.

Then I went to Riffa branch of NBB, and filling out a form of card replacement. ( somewhere in October 2006 ). I also request that I will collect the card in NBB Tower / Main branch.

It happened again, ...
I called those number to check .. here and there .... asking if the credit card was ready or not .....
They aswer is almost the same ...
asking my credit card number ... or asking CPR number ....then asking my phone number ....
Haahh ... I have been doing this process during the last two months ...
and one thing ... they always say that they will call me ...
all of them are LIAR ...or ... maybe FORGET .... I don't know.

I could not get any information whether my credit card was ready or not ... until my vacation time was coming ...
I went outside bahrain for 11 days ..

Getting back in Bahrain ..
I managed to know that .. they already sent me the credit card .. using post mail ... ( Again !!! )
The reason was ... they said that they have been waiting in the main branch but nobody collect the credit card

The past two weeks ... the Credit card centre staff and the call center staff ... have been successfully playing me around ....by playing ping pong game ...
"Call this number ...."
"Contact the credit card centre"
"give this querry number"
"we will call you on tuesday"
"we will check and call you"

Now ..
I am here ...
for the past 3 weeks ...
I am very tired and upset with the services the NBB gives me

Today, I cannot say anymore ....
I call them .. and shoot them ...^&@%&#%T&%@#^%#&%@^&#%&Q

I finally have to call their manager ...
they gave me 2 names ... Manoj and Mustafa with respective phone number 17205666 and 17205777
I called them both ...
Leave voice mail box in 5666 and hang up rudely by 5777

It comes to my conclusion that ... NBB doesn't know how to run a service company.
Should I close my account in NBB? ... most probably ...

Let us see, what do they follow this up.

I think Batelco does the customer service much way better than NBB ...
even the Batelco CEO is willing to communicate with customer like me ... to show that Batelco is truly a service company

Someone who is upset with NBB's service,
Taufik Kurniawan
CPR no. 700640959


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