Some twit thinks that I could be scared.. some little pussy thinks I could be threatened.

Well, well, well. It isn't that easy to intimidate me. Like every other Arab, brought up in humiliation, I really do think twice before writing or saying anything. Yes. Even me. I know that freedom is a far cry from reality. I know that we are being monitored and watched and I know that they are holding us from the balls - and that they are experts at squeezing them until they hurt...until every being who aspires freedom is subdued and reduced to a trembling eunuch!

This is how our deMOCKracy functions people!

For the twit who thought she can scare me, and others monitoring this blog to see how they can hurt me, I have news: This is my personal space. This is where a normal Bahraini vents out the frustrations of the normal Bahraini people. This is how we feel. This is why we will continue to speak out about all that is hurting us..and no matter how much you think you can threaten us, we will continue to make our voices heard. And we have an audience. And the world is watching.
And for those who think they can threaten me. And I am well-connected too. And I have friends up there. Yup.

So my dear Leyla, shut up and go get yourself some lacatives. Being constipated for so long isn't healthy. And get my hubby out of this. Jealous that I have one? Go get yourself laid too. It will make you feel better about the world and may make you see things from a different perspective!

Have a good day!


Cerebralwaste said...


As soon as I can, you will be have the honour of being my blogs winner of the patented and VERY prestigious "BRAIN FART du jour" award!

Well done!

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