Wonderland.. Oh Wonderland..

Sure don't miss ya one bit.

It is hilarious... I don't fully understand this alcohol ban there and I won't.

The situation is that bubbly and all the other spirits are freely available 24/7, be it Ramadan or not. Everyone stocks up on his/her favourite toast way way before the Holy Month for the celebrations between ghabga and suhoor. There is always a supply/ stash available somewhere for the revellers.

All hotel outlets traditionally sell it in their outlets in Ramadan...You go to a restaurant.. you order your spare ribs (haram) and you down it with imported beer (double haram) !

End of story.

What was the difference this Ramadan?

The difference is that we now have a Parliament, which 40 dorks who have made it their main passion in life to make the wayward Bahrainis see light!

Those idiots seem to forget that Bahrainis are generally law-abiding people, where even the die-hard alcoholics respect the Holy Month and refrain from drinking in public. That a law which infringes on personal rights in this modern era cannot be imposed by a bunch of fanatics. That anything that comes from a Parliament which has failed to safeguard the interests of the public time and again cannot be respected !


MuppetLord said...

Don't you know that is what parliaments do? It seems a little extreme compared to what it was like.

أبو سنان said...

People should have the right to choose, whether it is haraam or not. Besides, where are the Saudis going to go and drink and drive during Ramadan? Those that cannot make it to Europe, that is.

Hope things are going great for you in Canada!

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