Some people can't keep away from the limelight. We are just naturals!

I was walking out of the mall with hubby the other when we were stopped by a TV crew and interviewed! Not a week in the sleepy town of Hamilton and the two Bahrainians make it to every little house in the city!

It was so funny. I know it was random and a coincidence but I laughed so much when the presenter asked me: What is it that you hate most about men!!!!!!!!!!!!

I would need a whole programme to list this.. no... let's make that a whole season.. not a few seconds.

"This is brilliant. It will be aired at 5.30pm," she told us!

But we never saw it. We didn't even know which channel it was on!! And no one stopped us on the street the next day to tell us: You were on TV!!

Before I came to Canada, a wise friend of mine told me: In Bahrain, you are a big fish in a small pond. In Canada, you will be a tiny fish in the ocean!

How true!


Cerebralwaste said...


And how many times have you been on Bahraini TV???? What's the score?

Canadian tv 1 Bahrain tv????

marco said...

show us the video!! ;)


sume said...

I want to see the video, too!

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

I haven't seen it myself people ;)


I don't even know which channel it was for!!

Cerebralwaste said...

Well DAMNIT SBG find out what station it was on and get the tape!

Everyone wants to see it and so should YOU!!!!

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

It doesn't matter whether I get the tape or not.. what really matters now is that I have lost my status quo, that I am nobody and that I have to start from scratch!!

And I am ready for the challenge ;)

Have a good day everyone !

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