The honeymoon is OVER!

Say good bye to the grace period.

The day has been dark and gloomy. It has been pouring.. and they say that the ice age may be upon us soon.

There was no sunlight today and this has really dampened my mood already - this and my fiascos with my fucking international bank with a branch in every arsehole !

When I was in Wonderland, the fuckers I bank with assured me that things will run like clockwork.. and now that I am here, they are making it impossible for me to transfer my money from the Wonderland account to the Canadian one.

I spent the whole morning on the phone with a woman with the Bahrain bank, who badly needs to get laid. The prostitute ran up my phone bill and gave me no solution. She asked me for my first name. My first name. Does fuckface realise how many Amiras there are in Bahrain? Or have I become a household name I need no further introductions?

And she didn't even ask me for my account number or anything. The bitch should be sitting at home baking Khubos and minding her own business and not working for an international bank.

I have had it with those jokers. At first I was calm about it, but three weeks down the road and no access to your bank accounts can cause severe impairment of well as undesirable withdrawal symptoms.

I mean we aren't broke yet.. but we can't do all that we have planned to do. In short, this means we can't get our place paid for; we can't get furniture; we can't get other essentials like a bloody car!!

Does humilation have to follow Bahrainis wherever they go???


Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

Sounds like enough to drive a muslim to drink.:))

Cerebralwaste said...

Sorry about your day Amira. How much sunshine shall I bring back for you? Your not getting homesick are you?

Chin up girl there will be SNOW and lots of it REAL SOON!!!! Better learn to SKI!

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

Thanks for ur understanding..

Joker, no hard feelings, you know exactly what I mean!!

I am in two minds really.. I have had it with bad customer service in Bahrain. At the same time I know really well how when you pay peanuts, you get monkeys.

Those people are not trained and are not paid enough to care. I know what I am saying now goes against everything I believe in, but these are facts of life.

What we lack in Bahrain is work ethics. One of the bankers was busy praying from 4pm to 6pm...while I was calling and getting transferred.. the other was out to snack.. dunno... It is scary... When the praying banker goes up to Allah, she will have a hell of a lot of explanation to do.

Tossing pebbles... what about Muslims and drinking? Muslims are human too!!

Celebralwaste..Thanks for your support.. Shawarmas please!!

Mike C.. It is a futile discussion.. Computers and technology in some banks are there for decorative purposes!!

Moodz..You are right..It will take those people a long time to understand the basics of international personal banking.

I really still don't see why I can't transfer funds from one branch to the other - within the same bloody bank - easily!

And I am NOT transferring millions.. only peanuts for the monkeys like me!!

Um Naief said...

I can understand your pain. I'm an American living here in Bahrain, my husband is Bahraini, and I've often wondered about some of these ppl that work in banks here. No one wants to help you and they transfer you to every tom, dick and harry just so that they don't have to bother ... I guess it's not in their job description. I hope things have gotten better now. Btw, I love your blog. You captivate my spirit w/ ur honesty and straightforwardness. I guess you could say that you're a breath of fresh air. Thanks!


SillyBahrainiGirl said...

Thanks Tooners..
All is well now. I have control over my account !

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