It really is scary how things can be taken totally out of context and misinterpreted by people who claim that they are civilised educated citizens of the new world.

The key word to surviving in this global village is one: TOLERANCE. This is something some retards fail to comprehend because they cannot and will not see beyond their nose tips.

Brainless, for instance, falls in this category. He seems to be a man with lots of books and obviously more spare time, lack of comprehension and an attention span smaller than an ant.

He claims he reads. And to his credit, he urges us to read. But what is the point of reading when you don't understand what you are reading? Books and the written word are sacred and are not meant for people who don’t appreciate them. Many items come with a warning. Labels saying they are not meant for children, for instance, are plastered all over them. I seriously think that blogs and books and anything written should be stamped: NOT SUITABLE FOR RETARDS.

When Brainless launched his unwarranted attack on me, my religion, my culture and my race, I took a step back. He has the right to express and misunderstand what I wrote, just as I strongly believe I had the right to write what I did. I intended no harm. I couldn’t have had because my stance on things are clear. I don’t beat around the bush (a shrub – in case some retard misinterprets it).

The equation is simple in a democratic existence (not that I can claim that we have a democracy in Wonderland so I am free to act outside the rules of the game but I won’t): respect others and respect yourself and your freedom stops the minute it trespasses the freedom of others.

But Brainless did not take the hint. I even told him I didn’t want to stoop down to his level but he went on and on and crossed so many many redlines (see his attack on the Holy Quran below) that made me think (something I am capable of to a much higher degree than Brainless) about posting this here.

I am going back on my words and am clarifying a few points. Because I have self-respect and sympathy for the lesser beings, I feel I have some explanation to do if not for Brainless (who seems to be a hopeless case), then to others whom there is some hope for their quick recovery in the foreseeable future ;)

The facts are simple. Poor Brainless can’t read simple English. He only reads what he wants to read. That’s the capacity of his brain. What I wrote wasn’t in Shakespearean English. He was offended by:

They are now saying on TV that this morning's London explosion could be an Al Qaeda message.. message of what exactly?

I don't know.. I really don't for the last time Bin Laden was sited, he was in the company of the Bushes, all comfy and safe in the knowledge that the rest of the world was on fire.

I stand by it. I really do and it is not for the sake of being silly (which I admit I am on this site only).

Let me be more specific and rub salt into Brainless’ open wound: If Bin Laden is really the force behind this monster eating at our flesh (TERRORISM) and the American administration with all its power and might can’t locate him and finish the job it invaded Afghanistan and terrorised its children for, then he (Bin Laden) is being protected by the US.

Brainless. Your America is the Saviour of Mankind, the world’s super supreme power which has taken it as a noble task upon itself to enforce the ideals of democracy and freedom around the world. Your American men and women are giving up their lives to protect us from outside and inside forces. Your America is home for human rights organisations which come to our rescue when we are abused by our government. Your Americans came here, dug our oil wells (they kept a cut of course), taught us how to live like civilised people, taught us English and brought us modern conventions unheard of in this part of the world before. We all acknowledge this.

Brainless. Your America, like everywhere else in the world, has decent people and some not so. I am afraid you fall into the latter category and I am telling you in American (for you seem to only understand this language) to please FUCK OFF and not come to this blog again.


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