This is the latest addition to our extended family. My younger sister saw him at a friend's house when it was a kitty and decided that it would be ours.

A few days later she brought it home and my mother decided there and then that it was ours and that it will hence be called Blackie...

We tried to talk her into giving it another name but before long everyone started calling him Blackie and so Blackie is his name. I don't want any human rights activist to come and tell me that my mum is a racist for she sure aint!

Now Blackie is one playful kitty with a lot of time on its hands (paws). We took him to the vet the other day for some jabs and to get that feline monster declawed for you would tell from the scars on us that we live with Taliban in the same camp!

Look at what Blackie does everytime I use my laptop at home


Hasan the Not-So-Great said...

very nice cat.

CONTRO said...

pft loves you.

pft loves everybody.

that's why he's pft.


Keef said...

You won't believe this beloved daddy is a pretty cool dude (nearly 80 and still not dead!). He lives in a small ex-coal-mining village in South Yorkshire. When I was of an age to start getting interested in people of the female persuasion, he said 'go out with anybody you like, but don't bring any blackies home'. To this day, as far as I know, the village has never been home to any non-caucasian folks (and if you've ever visited the place you would not choose it as your number one place to live, no matter what colour your skin was). But then it happened. I met and fell in lurve with BetterArf. Her maiden name is Blackie (bit of a Scottish connection). I was due for a visit to the homeland, and called ahead. 'Dad. I'm bringing a lady-friend with me. She's a Blackie'.

jameed, RPh, MS said...

he is just absolutely hot!

Angelo Embuldeniya said...

imagine all that cat fur between the key pad..... with all that fur you might as well spill coke on the laptop :)

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

1. Blackie IS EVIL
2. Soufy has A LOT to worry about
3. And if given a choice between the safety and well-being of my laptop and Blackie, I can already see my lappie being tossed out of the window

In our household, Blackie rules the roost!

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

am i?

Unknown said...

Must not look at Blackie ...too evilly cute... eyes are so blue!... must .... not .... look, yes master Blackie what is thy bidding.

Um Naief said...

What a beautiful little kitty. He looks so very sweet. I know this post is way after the fact but it's not good to declaw your cats. I used to do it until I started working for animal rights' organizations and saw pamphlets and such on what they do when declawing. It's a horrible procedure and my vet said that they never forget. One cat of mine, who has since passed, used to hold up her paws years after having it done, like she was in pain. Cats don't forget. And, sometimes, it can make them aggressive and urinate in unwanted places.

Claws are everything for a cat, especially if they go outside. If you let ur cats out, how can they protect themselves from there feral cats if they're declawed? It's easy to cut their claws. Also, you can get little nail covers, although they don't stay on for long.

Scratching posts, lots of them, seem to do the trick in our house. We get some scratching, but I just use repetition, by saying "no" and it helps.

I'm rambling, but I wanted to tell u how sorry I was, for you, when reading about what happened to ur persian. We have one. What ever happened to the Syrian guy who killed him?

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